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Keagan Ilvonen 04/17/11 09:25 PM

Liisten To False Alarms
Holiday Parade's new EP, False Alarms, is streaming on Liisten.

S9Dallasoz 04/17/11 09:40 PM

I'd say it's a step up from Tickets & Passports.

lov3nmusic 04/17/11 09:42 PM

eh. i liked the demo of gone A LOT better then this version. but thats just me.
i personally prefer tickets and passports to this ep.

crusaderr 04/17/11 09:44 PM

gone was my immediate favorite, loved the demo version and loved hoe it grew into what it is now... she came around has grown on me the last few days into my favorite song at the moment, can't stop playing this ep, highly recommend at least a listen!

cwhit412 04/17/11 10:20 PM

It's no This Is My Year, but it's hard to make pretty much perfect pop-rock tracks like the ones on that EP.

TravisSaidSo 04/17/11 10:36 PM

is the two i's deliberate?

The Gunz Show 04/17/11 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by TravisSaidSo (Post 88216871)
is the two i's deliberate?

well it is the name of the site... "liisten.com"

LOVE this stuff from Holiday Parade.
hard working band, great live band as well. hoping this gets picked up and gets them ballin once again!

- Gunz

XLT917 04/17/11 10:54 PM

I think the back half is the best. Loving what gone turned into, the chorus in home is awesome, and she came around is a great way to end.

gr33ndayfr3ak 04/17/11 11:36 PM

No bad so far.
And Liisten is my new favorite site. Such a simple but great idea.

rainonmyparade 04/17/11 11:40 PM

Love these guys!! Agree 100% with the description. Andy's voice sounds more mature but it's still distinctly Andy.

Broden Terry 04/18/11 02:16 AM

I recently purchased Tickets and Passports and thought it was solid. I'll be giving this a listen in the next few days.

Jake Ashley 04/18/11 02:50 AM

Love this EP, They're stepping it up and the production is great...

ched zeppelin 04/18/11 04:30 AM

This band never fails to produce beautiful music. Andy's voice is getting better every release. Speechless on this EP 'Home' is amazing. Hopefully my pre-order will arrive tomorrow!

owiseone35 04/18/11 05:41 AM

Dudes got a killer voice I may have to get this.

highfidelity203 04/18/11 05:48 AM

Just pre-ordered this...HP just continually puts out great stuff.