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Matthew Tsai 04/18/11 06:16 PM

Two and a Half Guys In Tight Clothes
Charlie Sheen reportedly invited Asking Alexandria to open for his upcoming tour. The band turned down the offer due to "current tour obligations."

Submitted by heyjoshua

steve187 04/18/11 06:17 PM


PTVsnewO 04/18/11 06:17 PM


kidinthebushes 04/18/11 06:18 PM

Weird. I guess these guys might be big enough to be main stage acts on Warped after all.

NarcolepsySmile 04/18/11 06:18 PM

No care ever about this band or Charlie Sheen.

Blaise&Panthia. 04/18/11 06:19 PM

Yet more evidence that he is completely insane.

slimfenix182 04/18/11 06:19 PM


Madasahatter93 04/18/11 06:20 PM

I smell bullshit...

StepsInADance 04/18/11 06:21 PM

Shitty comedy meets shitty music, seems like the perfect combination.

saturday_snow_squall 04/18/11 06:22 PM


brandon_260 04/18/11 06:22 PM

Strangest news of the day

Finagle 04/18/11 06:23 PM

Between the amount of cocaine that would be there, and the amount of horse shit, I think this could create a black hole.

leaving_astoria 04/18/11 06:23 PM

drugs fucked up charlie sheen completely.

LexXchaos 04/18/11 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by Madasahatter93 (Post 88257382)
I smell bullshit...

Yeah. This can't be possible.

Jeff_Ryan 04/18/11 06:25 PM

Why would Charlie Sheen go on tour?