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Alex DiVincenzo 04/21/11 08:26 AM

New Crimson Armanda and Chelsea Grin Songs
Listen to a new tracks from The Crimson Armada and Chelsea Grin in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 04/21/11 08:27 AM

incognitojones 04/21/11 08:35 AM

Giving them a shot:

Sounds like Crimson Armada is to Attack Attack as Miss May I is to the Devil Wears Prada. Nothing new, but a little more 'metal' take on a familiar sound. Not my thing, but not horrible. Album might be solid. Clean vocals were not the strong point, but glad they at least don't have any electronics.

Chelsea Grin has to be a joke. Seriously. For a song that was entirely a breakdown from the beginning, the actual breakdown at the end was pretty underwhelming, and seems like something someone would make as a joke to make fun of these bands labeling themselves as 'deathcore'.

thedaywedied 04/21/11 08:59 AM

The Crimson Armada has actually gotten worse over time, they used to be pretty heavy... nothing TOO special, but now they're really bland. It's rather upsetting.

Chelsea Grin can go fuck themselves from now until Kingdom Come

Jason949 04/21/11 10:23 AM

barf and puke.

TheSkunkCatcher 04/21/11 10:41 AM

wow the crimson armada are worse than I expected. its a shame since their first album was promising.

SwertsOnALog 04/21/11 11:03 AM

both songs aren't doing anything for me here. Heard good things from both in the past. Truely saddening.

Capulet 04/21/11 11:41 AM

both are rly good, crimson armada just gaind a fan

Enjoi_This 04/21/11 12:11 PM

lol i love that chelsea grin song

marsvoltamcr 04/21/11 12:36 PM

Chelsea Grin is pretty good

Miketheunicycle 04/21/11 01:12 PM

what i expected

Shunketsu 04/21/11 01:45 PM

Nothing special here..
Expected better from both bands.

Whereisreggie 04/21/11 03:32 PM

Really disappointed in The Crimson Armada :/

cubsml34 04/21/11 03:32 PM

Don't dig either band, although my friends attended Crimson Armada's show yesterday and said how great it was. Both seem generic in their own right

Emmure408 04/21/11 04:30 PM

TCA used to be decent, wtf happened? i don't remember them having whiny singing