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AC91 04/26/11 01:37 PM

So how great is Death Cab live? I've never seen them.

augustana 04/26/11 01:56 PM

Oh no, Florida not listed? Shocker!

thaianna 04/26/11 02:18 PM

Damn! No Iowa.

tawtaw 04/26/11 02:45 PM

Man, Frightened Rabbit is so good

flash111111111 04/26/11 03:16 PM



StarsXReflect 04/26/11 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by sargentlgfuad (Post 88642042)
TWO boston dates. and NO Florida dates!?

Boston > Florida

A7XXX 04/26/11 03:30 PM

When does ticket goes on sale again? I need to clear my schedule that day just to make sure that I get good enough seats for them

get up kidd 04/26/11 03:40 PM

I missed out the first philly date. Will not miss out on this one.


xxxxxxxxxxxmatt 04/26/11 03:46 PM

Once again, no Florida date. Hm...from Tampa....probably gonna be a long drive.

onotherplanets 04/26/11 04:39 PM

seeing them at the metro in may then driving to detroit to see them with FR.
so much love for both these bands <3

DisenShaanted 04/26/11 04:46 PM

I'm definitely sick of going to Toronto for shows, been there three consecutive weeks. But Death Cab at Phoenix sounds amazing.

sargentlgfuad 04/26/11 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by StarsXReflect (Post 88651731)
Boston > Florida

very true. I'd probably do the same.

Say Nothing 04/26/11 05:09 PM


Ailite 04/26/11 05:44 PM

I'm seeing the first Philly date and honestly its the most anticipated day of my life, I might break the bank and try to see them again in August. I love this band. I'm just thrilled that I'm seeing them the once.

Mr.Piano93 04/26/11 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by MikeBass (Post 88640361)
Of course no FLA date...Where the hell is Alpharetta, GA? Road trip

about 25 minutes outside of Atlanta. venue has a great soundsystem and free parking, I think it'll be a good fit for Death Cab.