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Keagan Ilvonen 04/26/11 08:35 PM

Fans Report In: Brand New
At tonight's Maryland show, Brand New stated they are writing but are trying to write something happier. Jesse also confirmed that the band would be touring again soon. The set list from the show can also be seen in the replies.
Quote From ShowWe're writing, it's just hard to figure out what to write about. We don't wanna keep bumming you guys out. We're trying to write something happy.

Keagan Ilvonen 04/26/11 08:35 PM

Sowing Season (Yeah)
Bought A Bride
Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t
I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
Jude Law And A Semester Abroad
The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Seventy Times Seven
Sic Transit Gloria..Glory Fades
You Won’t Know
The Archers Bows Have Broken
Jesus Christ
Soco Amaretto Lime

only the clouds 04/26/11 08:36 PM

Much as I love Daisy, happy music from these guys will definitely be welcome.

Jat 04/26/11 08:36 PM

Sounds good. Loved Daisy, though.

bandnamexmyname 04/26/11 08:37 PM

thread asplosion

whitelightning7 04/26/11 08:37 PM

I think I can deal with some happy Brand New music.

TMS2787 04/26/11 08:37 PM

The person reporting in the Show Reviews / Set-List thread that they were going to play a song but Mike couldn't remember how to play it. I wonder if they subbed anything with it or just dropped it. Either way, very very solid setlist and I'm excited for Friday.

Rodeo 04/26/11 08:38 PM

Then maybe Jesse should start writing the majority of the songs again? Just saying... :shrug:

That being said.... "Can't figure out what to write about." ??????????

...Just write form the heart like you USED to....

ReadyForAction 04/26/11 08:38 PM

Wow what a sick setlist.

zephyrsong12345 04/26/11 08:39 PM

Um. I think I can deal with more bumming-outedness. Kind of Lacey's forte.

But this will certainly be interesting. And I'm sure it'll be great either way.

incognitojones 04/26/11 08:39 PM

Guess the God and Devil stopped raging inside them.

joeycYDG 04/26/11 08:39 PM

Stoked to hear that they're writing.

Ollie McKraut 04/26/11 08:40 PM

i thought they were breaking uppp?????

TheRealJohnOC 04/26/11 08:40 PM

So they'll start making Pop Punk music again?

spiffa0 04/26/11 08:41 PM

What a good setlist