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TinMan20 04/27/11 01:10 AM

Happy Brand New is a brand new direction...

drzafs 04/27/11 02:17 AM


Originally Posted by TinMan20 (Post 88682112)
Happy Brand New is a brand new direction...


*Ro' 04/27/11 02:36 AM

That's a weird quote.

Jamekae 04/27/11 02:38 AM

I hope that the happier vibe they're trying to tap into involves experimentation with some complex, inherently 'happy' 60's-esque melodies. I've always loved Brand New but I feel that melodies are not their strongest suit. It'd be cool if they could take Weezer's Blue album route and fuse strong, classic melodies with the guitar crunch they're known for.

apparitionrecs 04/27/11 03:00 AM

Writing music with the specific aim of pleasing people? That's very unlike them...

Keele 04/27/11 03:09 AM

I love this band, but the fact that they have nothing new musically in their setlist shows they are getting stale.I don't care if it's happy or sad music, or frustrated or optimistic. Just write and see what happens. I'm also still disappointed that they never did a proper release of some of their best and remaining demos. An EP to close the door on those amazing tracks would be nice. And a little less screaming your way through songs.

Gumbyjag 04/27/11 03:18 AM

as long as they're writing and playing music, i'm happy.

jornor 04/27/11 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by CT-Tim (Post 88670501)
The crowd definitely didn't seem into the Daisy material. It was also pretty hard to hear Jessie when he was talking (at least from the back). Was a great show, though.

I don't know if the crowd hated Kevin Devine or Daisy material more.
I loved both though. I had to move to the back for the last few songs because of my girlfriend, and i couldn't hear SHIT during jesus christ. Sounded like he was mumbling.


Originally Posted by TMS2787 (Post 88670842)
Awesome. Thanks for letting me and everyone else know. They played for a 100 minutes and still cut a song? Damn, that's great. I didn't think I could be more hyped up for Friday but now I am.

They replaced At The Bottom with Seventy Times Seven


Originally Posted by ratsevif (Post 88680321)
The show tonight was amazing. I'm almost positive they played Degausser and then played Luca right after it.

They 100% did not play Luca

perfectstranger 04/27/11 04:08 AM

Anyone else think he was maybe joking a little with the 'trying to write something happy' statement? Personally I think the closest we'll come to hearing 'happy' is more stuff like Fork & Knife or Untitled 2.

Also I love how people think that just because they didn't like Daisy that it lacked any emotion. If there's anything that Daisy has, it's emotion.

kazuma_ootaro28 04/27/11 04:11 AM

I wouldn't mind happy Brand New music. I wouldn't be surprised if their next album doesn't sound all that "happy" though.

trappedintime 04/27/11 04:15 AM

That's a damn good setlist! I would kill to hear Soco live. I hope they come to Florida soon. It's been way too long since I've seen them.

Spencer Control 04/27/11 04:16 AM

HAPPY Brand New music? Mind blown. Will be appreciated.

LastDeclaration 04/27/11 04:34 AM


Originally Posted by Tucker SL! (Post 88677502)
i hope they don't focus too much on trying to make something specific and just make good music like they always do. just stoked they are still making music together.

Yeah, how about you guys do the same, eh?

ched zeppelin 04/27/11 04:38 AM

Write the whole new album with the sound of 'Fork and Knife'.

cw-ello 04/27/11 04:50 AM

They need to listen to S/T Say Anything...good example of how to shift to positive music. I never thought I'd hear such a positive SA album haha.