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Heroin Robot 04/26/11 08:48 PM

is anyone up ?

PTVsnewO 04/26/11 08:48 PM

i'd be down with a YFW part 2.

or anything new for that matter

rexys425 04/26/11 08:48 PM

amazing show....enough said

Jat 04/26/11 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by TheRealJohnOC (Post 88670481)
I could see them do it.

That's true. They pretty much pull a 180 with every album...

Rodeo 04/26/11 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by Jat (Post 88670391)
It would be hilarious if they followed up Daisy with another pop-punk album..

You mean like what happened with the Ataris?

bobcatbob18 04/26/11 08:50 PM

Big fan of the setlist.

Protested Hero 04/26/11 08:51 PM

I can't wait. Daisy was good, but not up to par.

TMS2787 04/26/11 08:51 PM


Originally Posted by fireandice31 (Post 88670081)
Just so you know...I got the setlist from the show, and they had "At The Bottom" on there, which they didn't play. I'm assuming that was the song they dropped.

Also: Jesse Lacey also confirmed that they will be touring again soon. His words '"don't worry, we'll be back soon"

Awesome. Thanks for letting me and everyone else know. They played for a 100 minutes and still cut a song? Damn, that's great. I didn't think I could be more hyped up for Friday but now I am.

LastDeclaration 04/26/11 08:52 PM

in b4 show me your ass again

That set list is pretty much perfect. I love this band

PuxRawkPrincess 04/26/11 08:52 PM

I cannot wait to hear what they are coming up with.

re7ard1337 04/26/11 08:53 PM

as long as they keep playing soco.

Stroke 04/26/11 08:53 PM

nice setlist. i don't know if i'd like a happy brand new or a sad one. i like what they do in general, i'm glad they're working on new stuff.

xHoodieWeather 04/26/11 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by drpepper09 (Post 88670341)
Lacey writing happy music? What song has Brand New made that has not had a melancholy feel? Seriously. Can anyone name just one song?

Edit: Great set list, I'm suprised there are multiple songs from YFW.

SoCo Amaretto Lime is somewhat upbeat.

Zieb 04/26/11 08:54 PM

One of the best set lists of their's I've seen. O_O

newport21 04/26/11 08:55 PM

i like this ... great!