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MarquisInSpades 05/03/11 05:54 AM


Originally Posted by InfmsDre (Post 88899832)
that's a straylight run song... not tbs....

I know it's not a TBS song. Hence why I was excited about it and a bit surprised. John Nolan is back in the band...they played an interesting song on the setlist you wouldn't normally see...get where I'm coming from smart ass?

KY Jelly 05/03/11 08:35 AM

not afraid to say i balled my eyes out during that entire first half of the set

ourlady311 05/03/11 02:00 PM


dan sings 05/03/11 07:47 PM

finally theyre doing something right

oshyjay 05/03/11 08:59 PM


Originally Posted by jco3 (Post 88933312)
people change.

True, but his change was when he left...people don't usually change back.
But whatever, that album's really close to a lot of people so if he doesn't like it (which he may have changed back, I'm just saying) I'd understand him playing it for the fans. :-)

paramorekicks 05/03/11 10:07 PM

this was amazing to witness, so glad i was there!
i turned into a complete fangirl and freaked out when i figured out that they were playing the whole album (totally not ashamed to admit this considering everyone standing around me pretty much did the same thing haha)
definitely a major highlight of bamboozle for me.

A Pilgrim 05/04/11 07:54 AM

I'd sell my soul for this.

AndrewFaint 05/07/11 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by xsandwichesx (Post 88876421)
The fact that I didn't see this makes me hate life.