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SwertsOnALog 05/01/11 06:11 AM

One of my facebok friends was posting as this was happening last night. I was too jelous. :-(

zachff 05/01/11 06:23 AM

Holy fuck, that's an amazing set.

Nolessthanblink 05/01/11 06:33 AM

Epic... Too bad they didn't do a tour with this setlist before releasing a new record

hiya 05/01/11 06:34 AM


Originally Posted by turningdrummer (Post 88877242)
Personally, I didn't think they sound all that great. They had absolutely no dynamics. I've been a TBS fan since TAYF came out, but I didn't even stay thru the beginning of the set. Maybe I was too far away (their crowd was massive), but I just wasn't feeling them. Historic yes, worth it, no.

Same. I had to leave for other reasons, but it just did not sound good. And when I saw them last year with this lineup it sounded good, so I'm guessing Adam was sick or something.

TheVsed 05/01/11 06:37 AM

if i was there..... legendary

Alex DiVincenzo 05/01/11 06:39 AM

Holy shitballs

futurebreed 05/01/11 06:41 AM

this was awesome. plus opening with that sound clip from the TAYF demo took me back a long time

TheDemosRock 05/01/11 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by Fowdall (Post 88876262)
I hope i get to see a show where they play "There's no I in team"

They've been playing it a lot, I think. Pretty much to make up for all that time they spent forgetting it existed haha

drumogre1420 05/01/11 06:43 AM


Originally Posted by MarquisInSpades (Post 88876431)
They played Existentialism On Prom Night? Awesome!

I know! That's pretty rad that they'd play that song.

introduction 05/01/11 06:54 AM

That would've been amazing.

Jaytothesyg 05/01/11 06:59 AM

Hey TBS, Please play this for everyone else as well...

esposimi 05/01/11 07:03 AM

I left before they went on to try and beat the traffic. Opted to watch Gaslight Anthem instead since I had a private meet and greet with them.

swimhockey 05/01/11 07:04 AM

This is so cool! Weird that they played nothing from new again though.

AmericanTragedy 05/01/11 07:20 AM

Seeing this happen, watching the Movielife reunion set, and seeing Brand New on Thursday made this quite possibly the best weekend ever.

harveyn590 05/01/11 07:22 AM

would be cool if I was 15 again