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Matthew Tsai 05/03/11 01:55 PM

Fans Report In: Bamboozle
At Bamboozle, Further Seems Forever announced that they are working on a new EP with Chris Carraba on vocals. You can also see The Movielife's reunion setlist here.

Submitted by JesseKilgannon

VinceHotline 05/03/11 01:57 PM


Colinmac36 05/03/11 02:00 PM

the movielife's set was so fucking good.

Alex DiVincenzo 05/03/11 02:02 PM

Great setlist

gonfreaks 05/03/11 02:09 PM

Awesome set.

Holly HoX! 05/03/11 02:10 PM

I would've cried if I was at that show.

The Summer Ends 05/03/11 02:16 PM

just an EP :(

Miss Heartcore 05/03/11 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by VinceHotline (Post 89002001)

I have your shirt, just have to message me your address.

Ryan Gardner 05/03/11 02:22 PM

Can't wait for FSF

Dob 05/03/11 02:23 PM

both were fantastic.

KingsCrossing 05/03/11 02:25 PM

The Movielife set was simply amazing. They absolutely need to do some more shows.

GeeBee 05/03/11 02:29 PM

Glad FSF is recording, sad they're not doing it with Jason.

Khouse89 05/03/11 02:34 PM

both bands are great

saturday_snow_squall 05/03/11 02:35 PM

the movielifes set was nuts

irthesteve 05/03/11 02:36 PM

Biggest cocktease ever, haha