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Keagan Ilvonen 05/03/11 08:08 PM

New March Ahead Clip
The March Ahead (Johnny Franck and Mike Caswell of K Será) have posted a new song clip on their facebook.

JuneJuly 05/03/11 08:12 PM

Not terrible.

incognitojones 05/03/11 08:33 PM

Pretty boring. Sounded like Attack Attack only with all clean vocals. I'll pass on this.

Ashur 05/03/11 08:57 PM

Not bad, but not a drastic change from AA! at all. Will definitely listen though.

Capulet 05/03/11 09:38 PM

actually sounded rly great

full LP with sturgis?

MusicSnob&Proud 05/03/11 09:47 PM

very interested to see what the full song songs like. kind of cool hearing caswell in a more rock project.

Young Machetes 05/03/11 10:59 PM

This is definitely Attack Attack! without the chugga chugga and Caleb. Caleb is the only good part of that band, so fail.

tossit 05/04/11 01:47 AM

I like Mike Caswell, he's a great guy and super talented, he really listens to the fans and talks to them...but I don't know this clip isn't doing that much for me. I'm gonna wait for the full song.

xhmnimx 05/04/11 11:35 AM

I thought this was supposed to be an all electronica project with vocals?