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Kyle Huntington 05/12/11 02:01 AM

Grizzly Bear Start New Album
Grizzly Bear announced via their Facebook profile that they are starting to work on their new album at the end of this month.

birtcho 05/12/11 02:07 AM

Looking forward to it

HenryM 05/12/11 02:41 AM


drewinseries 05/12/11 05:00 AM

Anticipation, begin.

stonecoldfox 05/12/11 05:36 AM

Yesssss! To celebrate this news I spinning their discography all day!

jasonisasleep 05/12/11 05:48 AM

nice, definitely interested in this.

waspfactor 05/12/11 07:07 AM


FifteenFleeting 05/12/11 07:07 AM


IceAge/HeatWave 05/12/11 07:26 AM

so 'cited!

COREhorizon 05/12/11 08:35 AM

Just listened to Two Weeks last night, cool.

Capulet 05/12/11 09:03 AM

Cant Wait

Illuminate 05/12/11 02:03 PM

Most anticipated album. Easy.

Ismael182 05/12/11 10:23 PM

Have just started listening to them again yesterday, they're basically the soundtrack to the movie "Blue Valentine" and its great to hear they're writing new music.