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Blake Solomon 04/12/07 12:37 AM

Daggermouth - Turf Wars
DaggermouthTurf Wars
Label: State Of Mind Records
Released: March 13, 2007

The music industry can be a pretty depressing topic these days. Declining sales, teenie-boppers (yours truly), and fashion are making even the most loving fan quite apathetic. That’s why a release like Daggermouth’s Turf Wars is so nice to hear. They play very fast, very melodic hardcore music full of hooks and a passion for music that can get everyone back on the bandwagon. Highly influenced by pop-punk, this genre is winning new fans with each sub-two minute song. After the success of Set Your Goals last year, the time seemed ripe for another fun (and unbelievably short) album reliant on simple lyrics and hilarious song titles (“Fact: Mike Peecher Rollerblades”). Daggermouth do not disappoint in the least.

Turf Wars has all the staples: gang choruses, curse words, girl problems, and frantic drumming. There is barely a chance to catch your breath, and your head will be in constant motion the whole time. The tracks with catchy vocal harmonies (“Abracadabra Holmes”, “Hawt Lixx”, and “Hey Nelson, Go Jump On The Garbage”) are easily the most memorable. Most songs, however, sound very similar. But when they are this fast and energetic, it’s easy to look past the generic tendencies of the album. “Frisky Business” only has to deviate from the formula a bit to be completely revolutionary. The beginning is a vocal solo with subdued guitars that showcases Nick Leadlay’s high-pitched, lovable (that’s not hardcore!) pipes. God forbid, if Daggermouth ever took a sedative while songwriting, Leadlay would still be able to front the band.

It would be futile to try and describe the intricacies of each song (like I would anyway), but the atmosphere created is intense and, yet, still laid back. What I mean is that the lyrical content is easily relatable, but the delivery is far from the world of coffee shop get-togethers or leisurely strolls in the park. But when Leadlay screams, “I’ll never be the perfect son you always dreamt I’d be,” it’s impossible not to insert yourself in those lyrics, no matter who you are. If the dudes of Daggermouth are still looking for a new dad, I’ll be happy to fill the position.

Recommended If You Like: Set Your Goals, Lifetime, keg stands, Bangarang!, Jackass The Movie, Crime In Stereo

Jason Tate 04/12/07 12:44 AM

Great CD.

Blake Solomon 04/12/07 12:44 AM

bad review?

Jason Tate 04/12/07 12:52 AM


Originally Posted by utman8 (Post 6230918)
bad review?

Good review!

Hahahaha -- sorry, it's late, I'm tired - I read it, approved it, and wanted to say something before bed. I'm in the process of writing a review for a similar band actually ...

Why am I still up?

Dan CiTi 04/12/07 03:35 AM

I like Set Your Goals, Lifetime, and Bangarang! I've heard a few songs might as well check the entire record out.

Rich Duncan 04/12/07 05:14 AM

Great review, its also really nice to see someone mention Bangarang! they are a fairly local band.

Blake Solomon 04/12/07 07:33 AM


for those interested in this style of music, the above thread is very helpful.

Dan CiTi 04/13/07 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by Rich Duncan (Post 6231215)
Great review, its also really nice to see someone mention Bangarang! they are a fairly local band.

Fairly awesome.

CWeezer2 04/13/07 04:44 PM

it sounds like i would really enjoy them. nice review.

ThisIsNotDan 05/12/07 08:27 AM

i like this type of bands (SYG, Daggermouth, Bangarang, etc)

flks511 03/16/09 07:38 PM

They're a great band (despite the annoying song titles)

FishManAlex 06/21/09 10:35 PM


Dre Okorley 01/06/10 06:49 PM

^Daggermouth are way better. Still love this album. Come back please...they were underrated.