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Ryan Gardner 05/14/11 09:14 PM

Staff Recommendations (05/15/11)
"Inevitably, it's started to bleed and couldn't be stopped, that's justice. Incredible luck, to lift and be struck, what curious things."
Staff RecommendationsRyan: The Upsides, Lost In The Sound Of Separation, and Waves and The Sound Of Animals Fighting's "The Heretic"
Blake: arrange and Undesirable People.
Alex: Balance and Composure, Moving Mountains, Manchester Orchestra, Zombi.
Christian: The new O'Brother album is going to make your mind explode.

S9Dallasoz 05/14/11 09:34 PM

The Epilogues - RIYL: Silversun Pickups, Manchester orchestra
The Limousines
The Soft White Sixties
The Joy Formidable - RIYL: Metric, awesome female-fronted bands
Walk The Moon - RIYL: Foster The People, Carolina Liar, Low Vs. Diamond
U.S.S. - Cool Canadians
B I G S L E E P - RIYL: Foster The People, Young The Giant

COREhorizon 05/14/11 09:35 PM

xapplexpiex 05/14/11 09:36 PM

Simple Math

Mochem 05/14/11 09:38 PM

(pre-Joie de Vivre, more pop punky)

And I'm liking Blake's rec of Undesirable People, though I'm not sure why. I don't really listen to any bands that sound like that anymore, but I'm liking what I'm hearing.

Thedalylife 05/14/11 09:53 PM

Also, watching the NHL playoffs since they have been far superior to the NBAs this year, and:

StepsInADance 05/14/11 10:05 PM

letsgoflyers 05/14/11 10:22 PM

simple math.
ive been meaning to listen to moving mountain's new album as well.

yayitsjoe 05/14/11 10:36 PM

waves - moving mountains.
separation - balance and composure.
hot green - algernon cadwallader.
some kind of cadwallder - algernon cadwallader.
shed - title fight.
fuck your emotional bullshit - snowing.
man overboard.
childish gambino.

theintention 05/14/11 11:03 PM

Moving mountains.
Manchester orchestra.

introduction 05/14/11 11:03 PM

It has been a ridiculously long time since I listened to The Heretic.

A7XXX 05/14/11 11:20 PM

Animal Collective - Danse Manatee

P_T_W 05/14/11 11:36 PM

Midtown. That is all.

drevans18 05/14/11 11:54 PM

Balance and Composure, Fireworks, My Epic.

sargentlgfuad 05/15/11 12:05 AM

Manchester Orchestra / Cage the Elephant LIVE
and Simple Math, of course.
and Friendly Fires' Pala

and being a part of the largest student-run, live television broadcast in the nation.