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Keagan Ilvonen 05/16/11 06:47 PM

New KITTEN Music Video
Jump to the replies to watch KITTEN's new music video for "Chinatown."

Keagan Ilvonen 05/16/11 06:47 PM

Keagan Ilvonen 05/16/11 07:04 PM

So good.

Romancebled 05/16/11 07:11 PM

Their EP is really good.

poserscenemokid 05/16/11 08:52 PM

I'm still shocked that she's only 16...

Keaton 05/16/11 09:23 PM

there is not enough of their bassist in this video *~

eatbabiesyum 05/16/11 09:30 PM

:-d that's cool.

i checked them out because i love cats, glad i did.

Loveisa4lttrwrd 05/17/11 12:41 AM

Wow, I was useless when I was 16.

ABSOLiat 05/17/11 07:58 AM

I like the demo/original of this song better.

That being said, it makes me uncomfortable to see anyone as young as Chloe so over-sexualized.

singlexsorrow 05/17/11 02:20 PM

Loved the EP. Looking forward to hearing more music from them in the future.

Ashur 05/17/11 10:09 PM

Good song, can't believe she's 16. The video makes me wish she was older (don't take joke seriously...).