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Alex DiVincenzo 05/23/11 05:42 PM

There For Tomorrow Single on iTunes
There For Tomorrow released a new single, "The Joyride," on iTunes.

Alex DiVincenzo 05/23/11 05:42 PM

Press Release quote"We've found that the highest points in our lives are when we trust our instincts and let go of any worries. This song was such a release when writing it because it's about the journey to feeling free. I think if there is anything anybody wants in life, it is to be free," states lead singer Maika Maile on the meaning behind "The Joyride."

Rysker6 05/23/11 05:57 PM

Love this band.

brandon_260 05/23/11 06:12 PM

Can't wait for the album

billyboatkid 05/23/11 06:14 PM

Way better than Hunt.

Loving it.

Peerless 05/23/11 06:17 PM

They sound... different.

Rysker6 05/23/11 06:25 PM


Originally Posted by billyboatkid (Post 89865282)
Way better than Hunt.

Loving it.

This. Something about "Hunts" vocals sound too polished.

swimhockey 05/23/11 07:01 PM

Not loving this

HCO SF 87 05/23/11 08:02 PM

kinda boring. the songs this band does best are the fast paced ones like "no more room to breathe" and "a little faster".

MSIndulgence 05/23/11 08:08 PM

Dr.Cock&Balls 05/23/11 08:29 PM

they don't sound like Story Of The Year/Anberlin anymore

letsgoflyers 05/23/11 08:56 PM

i really like this song...something about this guys voice just captivates me.

zitikiller 05/23/11 08:58 PM

im sry but youre strait up retarded if you dont like this song. its soo catchy. hate to see people dog this bands musical talent.

henry chinaski 05/23/11 11:15 PM

good song.

The Gunz Show 05/24/11 01:03 AM

definitely ballin

- Gunz