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Christian Wagner 05/24/11 11:55 AM

Westland Covers Silverchair's "Anna's Song"
Westland has covered Silverchair's "Anna's Song." You can listen to it here.

JackStone 05/24/11 12:28 PM

Absolutely love Ana's song. Hated this cover

Circa1628 05/24/11 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by JackStone (Post 89893941)
Absolutely love Ana's song. Hated this cover

That's enough for me to not even listen

tehbrybry 05/24/11 12:50 PM

No thanks

jasonisasleep 05/24/11 12:50 PM

cover is bad

heyzombiehitler 05/24/11 01:22 PM

silverchair was the first "alternative" band i was ever into. That said i dont wanna listen to this.

AussieBoy 05/24/11 02:05 PM

One of my favourite songs ever. Can't hear cause of iPhone.

Can't believe silverchair aren't massive overseas bar Frogstomp. Their new stuff is amazing. They're huge in aust still!

I would put up the Straight Lines YouTube link if not on phone

Jedgentry 05/24/11 05:07 PM

I dunno what everyone's trippin' on. I don't like this band, but they did a great job on the cover, and hopefully it'll open up their fans' eyes to what an incredible band Silverchair is.

PillsAndAdvice 05/24/11 06:45 PM

More than a little bummed that they couldn't be trouble to spell the song title properly when putting this up. As much as I love Silverchair, I think I'll pass on this one.

Gleebo 05/25/11 10:11 AM

I really have no idea who Westland is and for all I know they may have done a decent cover on this, but honestly I don't think my Silverchair loving heart can handle hearing anyone cover my all time favorite band on the same day they announce that they probably won't ever make any new music together again.


AussieBoy 05/26/11 01:04 AM

Actually did they cover this and post it cause the Chair broke up this week or is it purely coincidental?

AussieBoy 05/26/11 04:59 PM