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Adam Pfleider 05/25/11 12:52 PM

Absolute Access: David Bazan
Last month, I attended David Bazan's house show tour. The next afternoon, I had lunch with Bazan and followed him over to the KUT radio studio for in-studio performance/interview to hangout with him during the session. You can read our interview here and read an article about the experience here. Bazan's new album, Strange Negotiations, was released yesterday and you can read Ian's review here.

Buddy Nielsen 05/25/11 01:45 PM

This rules!

Adam Pfleider 05/25/11 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by Buddy Nielsen (Post 89940331)
This rules!

Thanks Buddy!

humanafterall 05/25/11 02:16 PM

Wow, I really wish I knew he was going on a house tour. But yeah, this is really cool, Adam. I bet you had a lot of fun.

ignition 05/25/11 05:50 PM

Nice interview. He's doing a live performance/Q&A thing tonight in a few min (9pm EST) @ http://davidbazan.com/ also.

waltz_alone 05/26/11 06:56 AM

right on. bazan deserves all this attention and more.

jornor 05/26/11 08:14 AM

He was good as shit when he and his band opened for Jimmy Eat World in february

MonopolyMan 05/26/11 09:40 AM

how in the fuck is there only 6 replies in here??? this is awesome.