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Matthew Tsai 05/27/11 11:01 AM

New Years Day Update
New Years Day have apparently signed to Hollywood Waste Records and have a new EP titled The Mechanical Heart dropping on June 21st. Hit the replies to watch a trailer for their new single "Two in the Chest, One in the Head."

Submitted by imposs1ble

Matthew Tsai 05/27/11 11:01 AM

Joe DeAndrea 05/27/11 11:04 AM

This is horrible.

billcom6 05/27/11 11:06 AM

I love New Years Day but I am always curious how many fans they actually have since they haven't released anyting new in years. Their debut albums is awesome though, everybody should check it out.

xrider105 05/27/11 11:13 AM

I loved their debut, but I'm not looking forward to this as a "New Years Day" release. They haven't released anything in years and changed majority of the lineup, which resulted in a much different sound. They should change the name, this is a new band.

PetitnaindesĪles 05/27/11 11:21 AM

What the... i liked their "I was right and you were wrong" song a long time ago but the full-lenght was boring. It sounds... weird ?

topsecret 05/27/11 11:32 AM

this band still exists. lol

cherrycokewhore 05/27/11 11:36 AM

Fuck everybody else, I'm excited for this. I expect a big change in sound as the band is completely different, but I want.

steve187 05/27/11 12:02 PM

your love is my heart disease

subplotofcrows 05/27/11 01:26 PM

Liked their first CD, but this sounds like Aiden. Ugh. And whatever happened to Headlines & Headstones? Will that ever seen an American release?

ZeoVGM 05/27/11 02:04 PM

Wow, this is great.

Sounds like quite a departure.

mattregan 05/27/11 02:13 PM

Sounds like they changed their sound to be an In This Moment clone.

kidinthebushes 05/27/11 02:47 PM

Radio rock is never a good idea...

red8ge 05/27/11 02:56 PM

this is produced by wil from aiden so i'm not surprised it sounds so uh, yeah.

i like my dear though. i have hope for this but not a lot

rbf737 05/27/11 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by Joe DeAndrea (Post 90009872)
This is horrible.

Ha I saw your comment and was like fuck you Joe, then I watched the video...

They had such potential in the Face the Fact days and then when New Years Day came about and Adam Lohrbach of Home Grown fame joined. These guys filled my chick fronted pop punk band niche when I wasn't about Paramore, but averaging 1.5 releases in a 6 year span or whatever it is then putting out an ep that sounds like this; come on!

I listened to some homegrown the other day, I wish they would inexplicably come back.