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Rohan Kohli 04/20/07 07:53 AM

Bjork Posts New Song
A new Bjork track titled "Innocence" off her new album Volta can be heard on myspace.

Submitted by simpsonsfan

pop_hard_punk 04/20/07 08:17 AM

Sweet. I like Earth Intruders more. Still can't wait for this album.

Smash Adams 04/20/07 10:21 AM

bjork also has a contest to make a video for the song here, http://unit.bjork.com/innocence/, which is why the song is on myspace

I like this song a lot

Vismund_Cygnus 04/20/07 12:08 PM

Man, it's been a long time since I heard a song from Bjork...

__myheart 04/20/07 12:14 PM

Pretty cool sounds different from the stuff on medúlla but it's still Bjork :)

gcore 04/20/07 01:51 PM

i dig. a lot more than i thought i would.