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Kyle Huntington 06/07/11 02:27 AM

Happy Birthday Charlie Simpson
Today is Charlie Simpson's (Fightstar) birthday. Don't forget to check out his debut solo album, Young Pilgrim, on August 15.

Broden Terry 06/07/11 03:31 AM

I love this man. I hope he has a wonderful day!

Joe DeAndrea 06/07/11 04:14 AM

Best dude ever.

Kyle Huntington 06/07/11 04:44 AM

Great lad, happy birthday!

kennedyAM 06/07/11 05:32 AM

Happy Birthday now get your ass to America for a tour!

VeryWittyName 06/07/11 05:46 AM

Happy birthday! Fightstar is one of my favourite bands of modern times, and I'm avidly awaiting your solo album :)

John_Barnes 06/07/11 06:52 AM

Ugh, August 15th? that's so far away. But anyways, Happy Birthday Charlie, I can't wait to hear your new album, and I hope you tour the States one day.

metallikunt 06/07/11 07:19 AM

Awesome guy. Happy Birthday :)

hiddentrack 06/07/11 10:22 AM

Happy birthday Charlie! Can't wait to hear more new music! :)

FatWaps 06/07/11 02:55 PM

happy birthday, dude! hope its a great one :)