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Kyle Huntington 06/20/11 05:56 AM

Solo Grizzly Bear
CANT (Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear) is releasing his solo album on September 13. Head to the replies to see the tracklisting for Dreams Come True.

Kyle Huntington 06/20/11 05:57 AM

Tracklisting1. Too late, too far
2. Believe
3. The Edge
5. (brokencollar)
6. She's Found a Way Out
7. Answer
8. Dreams Come True
9. Rises Silent
10. Bericht

iplaydrums 06/20/11 06:19 AM

So excited for this. I really liked the song he released a few years ago so I'm sure this won't disappoint.

IceAge/HeatWave 06/20/11 08:20 AM

so excited.

Holly HoX! 06/20/11 08:49 AM

September is seriously becoming overwhelming with all the releases. Not even ready for all the great music.