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Matthew Tsai 06/20/11 04:11 PM

mewithoutYou to Record With Dan Smith
mewithoutYou will record their fifth record with Dan Smith of Danielson.

Submitted by rawspinner

pennyflipnfe 06/20/11 04:16 PM


Say Nothing 06/20/11 04:22 PM

Need new album.....now

thesollopsist 06/20/11 04:28 PM

I'm so glad they're recording another album. Can't wait for any more news.

remoteCONTROL 06/20/11 04:54 PM

I Love Danielson.

re7ard1337 06/20/11 04:54 PM

i thought for sure IACIAFIAADIA would be their last.

SoLoDoLo 06/20/11 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by re7ard1337 (Post 90901081)
i thought for sure IACIAFIAADIA would be their last.

me too

SoLoDoLo 06/20/11 05:16 PM

can not wait i hope it goes back to their roots, although i dont know who danielson is and how this will affect their sound...

edit, looked it up and i guess they will keep their sound and stay folky

InaGreendase 06/20/11 05:17 PM

Good Tigers Jaw song.

humanafterall 06/20/11 05:40 PM

Crap. I saw Danielson with mwY at the troc, and they were so bad. Possibly the worst live band I've ever seen. They gave me a headache. This is sorta disappointing news, if news about a new mwY album could be disappointing.

Spencer Control 06/20/11 05:43 PM

I love this band. Excited.

chordsforacure 06/20/11 06:28 PM

Two of my favorite christian bands together. But I mean... Danielson did the last album too. So pretty much if loved the last album as much as I did... you'll probably like this news. if You hated the last album, it's time to dust off A-->B Life

review 06/20/11 06:41 PM

need a time machine to hear this record ASAPossible.

yourbiggestflan 06/20/11 07:33 PM

Whaaaaaaatttt???! mind blown. :explode:

Clark 06/20/11 08:15 PM

If you want them to sound like Catch for Us the Foxes... listen to that album. It still exists. Let them make the music they want to make.