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Matthew Tsai 06/25/11 05:12 PM

Hold Tight! Ink to Animal Style
Richmond, VA's Hold Tight! signed to Animal Style Records and will issue their debut Can't Take This Away on vinyl and digital on July 12. You can also download the album for free on bandcamp.

Submitted by Animal Style

Young Machetes 06/25/11 08:51 PM

Right on guys! Richmond pride.

Jaytothesyg 06/25/11 11:06 PM

I saw these dudes at D.I.T. Fest last year they ruled reminded me of old school Blink. Stoked for them!

Alex DiVincenzo 06/26/11 07:30 AM

Good stuff

tinylilnative 06/26/11 08:37 AM

Jake Guralnik is a rock god.

jornor 06/26/11 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by Young Machetes (Post 91111161)
Right on guys! Richmond pride.

Fuck yeah. Great band

forget_december 06/26/11 02:39 PM

Congrats to them! Happy to see great Richmond and VA Beach bands getting recognition lately.

backstagebethy 06/26/11 07:39 PM

Great song titles there.