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Linda Ferreira 06/26/11 11:02 AM

Games Round-Up (06/26/2011)
This week's Games Round-Up can be read in the replies. Feel free to post additional news in the thread.

Linda Ferreira 06/26/11 11:02 AM

Thanks to Jim for putting this together:

Games Round-Up Hello, it's me Jim Plachy, back to bring you some video game news. It's going to be quick this week so apologies in advance. If you want more news you could always check out my site, Four Player Co-Op, all we do is the video games.


The recently released for the Xbox 360 Child of Eden is in fact still in development for the PS3. Look for 3D and PS Move support.

There will be a beta for Journey starting soon. No word on how you get in, but it doesn't sound like you have very good odds.


To celebrate Bungie's 20th anniversary and to send their involvement with the Halo franchise off in style you can grab some goodies for your Halo: Reach Spartan and nameplate.

Speaking of Halo, the anniversary edition of the first game will have some sort of Kinect integration. However, it will not be used to control the game.

Speaking of Kinect, Peter Molyneux says Kinect "has some problems."

Here's a look at Gears of War 3's Horde 2.0.

Speaking of Gears 3, here is a first taste at what cool unlocks we might be getting for having unlocked achievements in the previous games.


Valve's Gabe Newell thinks that the company's games will appear on the Wii U.

The new Smash Bros. games are not coming any time soon.


Team Fortress 2 is now free to play.

Star Wars Galaxies will shut down on December 15th to make way for Star Wars: The Old Republic.


The first DLC pack for Brink "Agents of Change" will be free for the first two weeks.

Batman's sidekick Robin will appear in some capacity, most likely challenge rooms, in Arkham City.

The Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta will begin in January.

Someone bought PopCap for over a billion dollars. Maybe? Probably not.

One of Bungie's pre-Halo games Marathon is coming to the iPad.

Fallout: New Vegas' next DLC pack is called Old World Blues. It will be out July 19th and probably not work or delete all your save games.


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition gets some costume DLC on 7/5

You wont be able to buy TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled after 6/30

On July 22nd Sony will release both Uncharted games in one collection.

There is a Sonic Generations demo but you now only have like 2 weeks to download and play it. So, get to it!


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

CoD Black Ops Limited Edition

Resident Evil The Mercenaries

UFC Personal Trainer


That's it, thanks for reading! Gotta go!

S7ranburgLar 06/26/11 11:40 AM

Hey, Peter, why don't you make some more underwhelming, over-hyped games?
Complaining about Kinect when you were its poster boy 2 years ago with Project Milo or w.e.

Coh33d 06/26/11 02:49 PM

Wow Horde 2.0 looks really badass and fun. I'm so excited for that game.

Ozma822 06/26/11 05:11 PM

Star wars galaxies was the best experience ive ever had gaming. Than... The patch came. Overnight it was ruined. I could talk about swg, and genesis, for hours.

RyanFTW 06/26/11 05:59 PM

Gabe Newell relents a little for nintendo? IT BETTER BE LEFT 4 DEAD 3

NunsGoneWild 06/27/11 08:22 AM

the wii u might actually be something promising from nintendo for once o.O