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Deborah Remus 06/26/11 11:06 AM

Cancer Bats Writing New Record
Cancer Bats have started writing their new record.

jornor 06/26/11 11:22 AM

About time

NateFoundGlory 06/26/11 11:24 AM

Great news, I loved Bears, Mayors, Scraps, and Bones.

Chemical Love 06/26/11 11:39 AM

It'll be good to hear some new tunes from these guys.

cubsml34 06/26/11 12:37 PM


bandnamexmyname 06/26/11 01:46 PM


honkytonk 06/26/11 01:58 PM

BMS&B was a disappointment for me, but still stoked for this.

alert=danger 06/26/11 02:17 PM

So stoked for this.

eaglejak 06/26/11 07:06 PM

Their second album is easily my favourite

Zorlak 06/26/11 07:26 PM

They need to tour the US more.

tom_q 06/27/11 04:29 AM

Their last album had a couple of their best songs so far but as a whole it wasn't great. I am really looking forward to some new material.