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Jay Nainav 06/29/11 12:32 PM

Bjork Readies Biophilia Experience
Bjork's new album Biophilia will be more than a recording: it's will involve a series of Apps, educational workshops and live shows, she says. Read her extensive interview with Stereogum.

Moon Face 06/29/11 12:44 PM

I really like how much effort Bjork puts into everything that surrounds her music. She reminds me of Trent Reznor like that.

luvsickcatalyst 06/29/11 12:53 PM

As much as I can never get into her music, this is incredibly cool.

georgedcc 06/29/11 01:00 PM

Late pass, I posted a thread about this about 6 weeks ago.

Love Bjork, looking forward to this album.

georgedcc 06/29/11 01:02 PM

Also, this is her new song.

ESundy36 06/29/11 01:06 PM

Really looking forward to all of this.

ThisDayForward 06/29/11 01:08 PM

This is so awesome! Bjork is so cool. Oh yeah and her new song above is other worldly. (statement lol)

DemBitties 06/29/11 01:15 PM

Never could get into Bjork, but I respect the fuck out of her.

Sloth7 06/29/11 01:38 PM

Love Bjork. She's really one of the few, true innovative artists to come out of the past 20 years.

whiterussian 06/29/11 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by DemBitties (Post 91249381)
Never could get into Bjork, but I respect the fuck out of her.

this made me lol.

this Bjork project will most likely go over my head. all power to her anyway.

ODDSn_nds 06/29/11 02:13 PM

Stuff like this is the kind of creativity needed for bands to get passed the album/merch sales drop off*

*stuff like this is only capable by of mega artsists with big spending labels^

^support local music

JuneJuly 06/29/11 02:31 PM

Her and Jonsi should do a thing.

kaylasananjou 06/29/11 05:24 PM

I never really listened to Bjork, but this is too cool.



Originally Posted by JuneJuly (Post 91252341)
Her and Jonsi should do a thing.

now THAT i could get into.

Jeff_Ryan 06/29/11 06:43 PM

god she is so fucking amazing

Steeeve Perry 06/29/11 06:48 PM

I saw her at Big Day Out in Oz, between Grinspoon and Rage Against The Machine. My god the hard rock fans disapproved. She was alright, they all bagged Arcade Fire too so what are ya gonna do?

JasonTMays 06/29/11 07:46 PM

I love Bjork...I really wish more folks would/could get into her...Bjork is wayyy ahead of her time.

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AdamChildress 07/01/11 05:59 PM

I enjoy this idea.