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COREhorizon 06/30/11 01:23 PM

Cool, really stoked to hear new music and see it get some good promotion.

icynova 06/30/11 01:23 PM

Good. This means I'll be able to find their new cd in an actual store.

xRustyx 06/30/11 01:23 PM

Wow, i am sure they had their choice of labels. I am sure the details of the contract are what made them sign.

shawnPLAGUES 06/30/11 01:23 PM

Weird, but if both sides are happy, then that's fine with me!

Alex DiVincenzo 06/30/11 01:24 PM

The label contains to gain legitimacy. Can't wait for new HWM.

Manufactured Dreams 06/30/11 01:26 PM

Love HWM. Rise Records not so much. But congrats anyway.

youngz 06/30/11 01:26 PM

What The Fuck

prefix-core 06/30/11 01:28 PM

On the surface? I didn't see this coming. But in hindsight? I shouldn't have been too shocked. I mean, they did re-release that Piebald stuff and they've been branching out a bit more...

Seems like it might work in Hot Water Music's favor. The label will most likely be hands off and they'll continue to operate as they have been. I just hope we get a full-blown U.S. tour to support the album!

SwertsOnALog 06/30/11 01:29 PM


Originally Posted by CraigRise (Post 91288322)
That's right. A dream come true for this guy!

don't know how you did it, but awesome!

Zorlak 06/30/11 01:29 PM

Awesome for both sides, excited to hear new HWM, can't wait to see these guys at The Fest!

ACA 06/30/11 01:31 PM

come to nyc

raptorz44 06/30/11 01:32 PM



Matthew Tsai 06/30/11 01:34 PM


slowmotion90 06/30/11 01:39 PM

Never heard of them before, but this band is great.

Mariosux! 06/30/11 01:40 PM


Their roster is fucking disgusting and its even worse that they're a subsidiary of Victory.

Really wished they would have signed back on to No Idea or do something with Tom Gabel's new record label