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Alex DiVincenzo 07/07/11 05:59 PM

AP.net Chat: Suicide Silence
EDIT: The chat is now over. Thanks to Mark for chatting.

Suicide Silence guitarist Mark Heylmun will be chatting in this thread at 9pm EST/6pm PST. Come talk to him about the band's stint on Mayhem Festival (which begins this weekend), their new album, The Black Crown (which comes out Tuesday) or anything else you'd like.

BigAdio 07/07/11 06:03 PM

How do you think this album and the process making it compares to the previous albums?

PerryP1991 07/07/11 06:05 PM

Any comment on how the album leaked so early? Has the person been caught?

John_Barnes 07/07/11 06:14 PM

How did you get Jonathan Davis on the album?

sweepthenation 07/07/11 06:14 PM

Which song on the new album is your favorite?

brood700 07/07/11 06:16 PM

Is there any way the the opener for this cd will top Wake up?

anthonykuoi 07/07/11 06:18 PM

Would you mind describing the experience of working with Steve Evetts who's done so many prolific metal records? Did you learn a lot from him?

marklover 07/07/11 06:23 PM

Will you call me Mark?

MarkSuicide 07/07/11 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by BigAdio (Post 91543501)
How do you think this album and the process making it compares to the previous albums?

We just weeded the shit and trimmed the fat and made what we wanted to release. We had Evetts produce it but we were still our own producers.

marklover 07/07/11 06:25 PM

Post nudes

MarkSuicide 07/07/11 06:26 PM

Fuck it. The people who support us support us and the people who download it still come to shows or they sit behind the computer and talk shit. It's 2011 and this what we deal with as a working band. I just hope we people who like it go out and buy it.

MarkSuicide 07/07/11 06:26 PM

We asked him if we wanted to do it and he said sure.

MarkSuicide 07/07/11 06:27 PM

I dunno? topping anything is in the eye of the beholder.

MarkSuicide 07/07/11 06:30 PM

He's just a dude with a passion for people who care about their music. We care a lot and he dug it and honed in on our flaws and on our talents and helped us be the best us. It's organic and live sounding. Basically we just worked on making sure we didn't fake anything. And we cracked a lot of jokes and made fun of all the bands trying to be something they aren't, me and him have a lot of common views on music past and present and both of us are confused about the future. Awesome dude.

bakesaustralia 07/07/11 06:30 PM

Stoked for the Australian Tour!!!! do you know who will be suppourting you on the Tour?