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Alex DiVincenzo 07/08/11 10:26 AM

Witness the Kornification
Listen to a new Suicide Silence song, "Witness the Addiction" featuring Jonathan Davis from Korn, here.

icynova 07/08/11 10:50 AM

I like it. Jon adds a nice touch.

Stormsubsides 07/08/11 11:05 AM

Totally diggin this. Seein them for the first time in like 2 weeks. I hope the album is just as good as this.

eatbabiesyum 07/08/11 11:24 AM

It's nice to hear some clean vox on the album, especially one from a band that really influenced it.

Brandon Allin 07/08/11 01:32 PM


MBIIdollaBill 07/09/11 07:23 PM

damn, im surprised, no negative comments (then again there are only 4 comments). I used to be really into this band, I might check their new stuff out.

Just Decent 09/22/11 12:27 PM

i'm definitely liking this

this is perfect news as I was thinking about going to their NYC concert this November. I found out about it on facebook, there's this sony contest where they are giving away free tickets along with an after-party with the band. here's the link if interested: facebook.com/SonyEntertainment