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Deborah Remus 07/13/11 10:12 AM

Say Anything Joins Equal Vision
Say Anything have signed with Equal Vision Records. Check out a statement from Max Bemis here.

Submitted by bgeez120

thesinkingship 07/13/11 10:15 AM

So much of my money is gong to be going to Equal Vision Records...

rwn 07/13/11 10:15 AM

Awesome, can't wait to hear the new record, too bad it's gonna be a LONG LONG wait.

gold soundz 07/13/11 10:17 AM

Glad they are recording with Tim, loved the production of the first record.

TSTLSOOM 07/13/11 10:17 AM

stoked for the vinyl pressings.

thebestkylever 07/13/11 10:19 AM

muy excited for everything said in that there video blog type deal.

blimpcityhero11 07/13/11 10:21 AM

Most anticipated of 2012... haha

Makes sense though since Eisley signed with EVR last year. Glad that they found a place where they feel they can put out their truest and best efforts. Can't wait for all the future releases!

Jason Tate 07/13/11 10:21 AM

Tim O'Heir is absolutely the right choice.

omgchrisp 07/13/11 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by TSTLSOOM (Post 91772282)
stoked for the vinyl pressings.

Same here. I've been waiting forever for In Defense Of The Genre.

Yellowcard2006 07/13/11 10:21 AM

Awesome choice.

EDIT: Thought I hope I'll still be able to find their next album in stores...Equal Vision seems to have trouble getting albums into stores near me.

lauren1234 07/13/11 10:21 AM

yay yay yay! so excited to see what the future has in store for them.

projectmayhem16 07/13/11 10:26 AM

This news made my day. So excited for the new album.

raptorz44 07/13/11 10:28 AM

Cool to hear, and good to see Max has gone from writing novels to novellas

birdman 07/13/11 10:28 AM

Equal Vision is a solid label, great choice for both parties. Looking forward to some new music by them!

Recovery Room 07/13/11 10:30 AM

They should have never stopped working with Tim, hopefully this relationship continues as long as they're making albums.