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Adam Pfleider 07/25/11 05:12 PM

Bad Astronaut Return
Bad Astronaut will be playing a show at Velvet Jones in Santa Barbra, CA on August 13. Tickets are on sale here. The band says more shows may be announced soon.

Rodeo 07/25/11 05:47 PM

This is amazing news! So stoked! They have been missed greatly...

abusedcat 07/25/11 06:01 PM

So stoked!

birdman 07/25/11 06:35 PM

Joey Cape is a machine!

MikeBass 07/25/11 06:46 PM

Lets turn that may into a yay...and I hope this makes it to the East Coast.

counting_saturn 07/25/11 09:48 PM

bah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent.

ataris_kid 07/25/11 10:01 PM

+1 for an East Coast hopeful.

moonlights 07/25/11 11:28 PM

barbara... barbara.

Alligator Blood 07/26/11 05:10 AM

Brilliant band. Hope they consider recording some new material in the future.

Crowe41 07/26/11 09:52 AM

Come to Canada!

ihaveblink 07/26/11 12:42 PM

Cool, come to the VA