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Ryan Gardner 07/26/11 04:58 PM

Never Shout New Song
Head to the replies to hear a new Never Shout Never song called "Time Travel." The hand-stamped lithographs Christofer Drew is stamping in the video are available as an option in the pre-order packages. The track is now available on iTunes, as well. Their new album, Time Travel, drops September 20th via Warner Brothers Records.

Ryan Gardner 07/26/11 04:58 PM

Ryan Gardner 07/26/11 05:00 PM

As a huge fan of Harmony, I am in love with this song. Very excited to hear this record

sweetfootaction 07/26/11 05:13 PM

Biggest troll in the music scene.

Young Machetes 07/26/11 05:15 PM

Love the artwork, love the song. Ready to hear the album and put it on repeat for a bit. He gets better and better.

lpfan407 07/26/11 05:21 PM

actually really digging this tune

sweepthenation 07/26/11 05:31 PM

I hadn't seen a news post about him in so long I forgot he stopped existing...oh to dream

PTVsnewO 07/26/11 05:32 PM

really digging this, though i haven't really been a NSN fan since the yippee EP

Ryan Gardner 07/26/11 05:32 PM

Don't write this one off before checking it out. Definitely getting an I Can Make A Mess vibe

chrisdazzo 07/26/11 05:41 PM

Glad I checked this out. Loving it, though I loathed his last album. Funny how that happens with this dude.

brenByah 07/26/11 05:50 PM

Surprisingly, not bad. I still hate his arrogance and shitty personality, which is a little hard for me to ignore.

TwoPhace 07/26/11 05:52 PM

huge troll

low_rising 07/26/11 06:22 PM

this is actually pretty good. digging the electronic / atmospheric stuff, really looking forward to this now.

jusscali 07/26/11 06:28 PM

Eh, not terrible.

PunkInfluence09 07/26/11 06:32 PM

Decent.... I feel it's better than past material.. Probably won't sway me to become a fan though.