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Alligator Blood 08/09/11 11:17 AM

Proud to see the amazing Vhiessu in there. Those boys do no wrong.

StepsInADance 08/17/11 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by CheckeredFloors (Post 92625722)
It was a joke.

Band is shit.

Nice to see someone else who believes so.

SparkBoy85 10/15/12 10:22 PM

I'm really happy to see that Zen Arcade was on here. That's such an incredible album, and I feel that it's almost been forgotten by a lot of people.

cshadows2887 07/13/13 07:03 PM

Bumping this because I heard New York Tendaberry for the first time and whichever staff member picked it is my fucking favorite person.