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Jason Tate 08/03/11 09:04 PM

Exclusive: Blink 182 "Neighborhoods" Album Cover + Ticket Contest
We've got all kinds of Blink 182 goodness for you today. First off, we're proud to premiere the album cover for the band's new album, Neighborhoods. Check that out here. Second: we're giving away tickets to every single show on the band's upcoming tour, which of course includes My Chemical Romance on most dates. Want to go? All you have to do is leave a comment in the replies with the date you'd like to go to, and gimme a reason to pick you. I know we've got people that have been visiting this website since it was a Blink 182 fan page way back in the day -- so nostalgic reminiscing may sway my picks. Make sure your email address is correct in your profile if you want to win (I need some way to reach you). More cool stuff around this tour (including more prizes and giveaways) will be coming soon.

Jason Tate 08/03/11 09:04 PM

PS: I will be working on getting a high-resolution version for our gallery asap. I want to read all the graffiti and pour over all the details too.

deFobbed14yrs 08/03/11 09:04 PM


already have tickets or I would enter. Awesome sweepstakes though!

It's sweet they put DJ AM up

Also do the backwards "n's" bother anyone else.

TSTLSOOM 08/03/11 09:05 PM

inb4 everyone. so stoked for the cover!

Drew Beringer 08/03/11 09:05 PM

probably my favorite blink artwork ever

justinwho 08/03/11 09:05 PM

....and here is where the site explodes

Numero10 08/03/11 09:05 PM

Cool cool cool

Vandal182 08/03/11 09:06 PM

And the album cover looks prettttttty cool. Can't wait for the high-res.

Sweepstakes entry for 10/05/11 in Mountain View at the Shoreline, and a true story (also a little personal):

One day in '99, i went to the Wherehouse music store with my parents. I wasn't old enough to buy things then nor did i have a source of income. I went up to my mom and asked if they would buy Enema Of The State for me. She agreed, if i did better in school.

Later that night, i listened to the album on my cheap boombox and that was the night i fell in love with blink-182. This was before i knew their names, knew their history, or anything else. I didn't know of the song, "dammit", i barely knew that they made albums previous to Enema. There was something about the music that was fun, i didn't like it because it was cool or it was what my friends were listening to, i actually liked it. It was the first time i made a choice in music, and i knew i wanted more.

I remember going up to my parents, showing them an insert from the CD that had information of their previous albums. I showed them hinting that it was something i desired. (yeah, i know, i was spoiled as a kid).

As the week progressed, my parents started to argue until it erupted into a big battle of who could throw random stuff while yelling the loudest. It was the first big argument they had that i would remember. I cried, they yelled, it was pretty intense for me, i never felt so uncontrollably sad.

The next day, i come home from school to a really quiet house. I immediately sat in front of my boom box and listened to Enema of the State to cheer myself up. My dad walked behind me and dropped a CD case in front of me. It was Cheshire Cat. My dad walks around as a tough dude, so this was a weird gesture. He ended up apologizing for having a yelling match with my mom in front of me.

Later in the day, my mom comes home from work and she told me to get in the car with her. I was worried, i thought this was the beginning of a separation and she was going to break it down for me. Instead, we drive to the Tower Record and she bought me Dude Ranch. It was the best day in my life, but it happened after the worst night of my childhood.

Of course, being a kid, i thought these arguments were huge. When i look back at it, it wasn't a big deal. My parents had successfully patched things up and being their only child (explains a lot don't it?), they wanted to somehow make it up to me. And that's why i should be picked, blink-182 isn't just some band to me. Blink-182 was what my parents choose to solidify the idea that this family i was fortunate to be born in was strong, and i like to think that i've been grateful to this day.

It could have been any band, but it was the band that just happened to inspire me to learn the guitar, listen to a completely different type of music (i was trenched with rap, that's all my school listened too), write hundreds of shitty pop rock songs that no one will hear, have a great sense of humor. Also, as if it needs to be mentioned, if i didn't search for blink-182 stuff online i probably wouldn't know of Absolutepunk.net, the website that i visit every day since i found it nearly a decade ago and the same website i owe my music library to. I love blink-182, The Pop Disaster Tour was the first concert i ever been to, i own a Loserkids.com shirt and several blink-182 shirts that i wear proudly to this day, i listened to their albums every February 22nd from 2005-2009 during their hiatus and deemed it blink-182 day to my friends, i've seen Boxcar, AVA, +44 live and i was on Absolutepunk.net when they announced their reunion on the Grammys.

Anyway, even if i don't win, it was nice to share this information of why blink-182 means something to me, i feel like any other website wouldn't care.

WishYouAway 08/03/11 09:06 PM

Phoenix, AZ date. 9/30/11

You should pick me because I like turtles. :)

But for a legitimate reason to pick me - blink 182's Enema of the State was the first CD I saved my money up for to buy on my own. Years later when I embarked on playing music, the first song I learned was Adam's Song. The first song I played with other's in a "band" was I Miss You. I've grown up with this band, and considering the fact that I'm trying to swing paying for college and can't find a job, I'm bordering on desperate for tickets. It kills me that they'd be right there and I'd be missing it.

Oh, and I love this site. First site I check when I get online.

spansen 08/03/11 09:06 PM

I'd love to go to the date in Arizona (9/30) to see them perform with Jimmy Eat World and to hang with a friend who I don't get to see often enough. Also, I, like everyone else, absolutely love Blink and would be ecstatic at the shot to see them and to roadtrip out to a friend I don't get to see often enough.

C'mon, Jason, pick me. We bonded that one time you lent me your old iPod.

Reyn182 08/03/11 09:06 PM

I wanna go to the 10/8 show at the Hollywood Bowl!

Why? They were the whole reason why I learned about and joined this website in the first place. Just take a look at when I joined... I'm a longtime member!

writethefuture 08/03/11 09:07 PM


elbaseball212 08/03/11 09:07 PM

Awesome! Rad that you guys at AP got to debut this!

Tampa, Florida 9/24/2011

I am a huge blink 182 fan and have been for a long time. Its basically the only thing on my iPod haha. I have spent many years and thousands of $$$ on my blink 182 collection. You can see here! www.blinkcollection182.weebly.com
Winning tickets to this show would be so rad! Hope you choose me!!!

Jake Jenkins 08/03/11 09:07 PM

i'd like tickets to the august 19th show in st. louis. it'll be the last show i attend before going away for college, and what better way to celebrate such a departure than with a band i've been listening to since i was about 8 years old? not to mention MCR, who i've been listening to since i was 11.

Jason Tate 08/03/11 09:07 PM


Originally Posted by Reyn182 (Post 92882712)
I wanna go to the 10/8 show at the Hollywood Bowl!

Why? They were the whole reason why I learned about and joined this website in the first place. Just take a look at when I joined... I'm a longtime member!

2002. Booyah. :-)