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Jared Kaufman 05/21/07 11:06 AM

The Reign of Kindo EP Preview and Release Date
For a limited time, The Reign of Kindo (ex-This Day & Age) will be giving everyone a sneak-peek of their self-titled debut EP, which will be in stores on August 21st. The band will be posting various selections on their myspace throughout the next couple months. Also, their first tour dates have been posted and more will be added in the near future.

cabinfever 05/21/07 11:12 AM

wow really old picture of TDAA right there

i'm looking forward to this release, i love these guys

DeathCabForCoon 05/21/07 11:14 AM

Holy shit I just got this news from my friend. Its pretty goddamn awesome. I was just going to submit this. This EP is going on my most anticipated

desipunk7 05/21/07 11:22 AM

Please dont tease us with the TD&A logo in the heading.

livethesounds 05/21/07 11:29 AM

sweet, i really like the new stuff they have. sounds like TDAA but a little more soul. good stuff

MPS_ 05/21/07 11:35 AM

Agreed. I'm really liking this new sound. I still miss TDAA though...

a hybrid 05/21/07 11:58 AM

great guys. heres for hoping that two tracks are titled 'who wants candy' and 'this goes out to all the single mothers in buffalo'

haha oh the cop out

theguilt engine 05/21/07 01:27 PM

i can't wait for this....my god.

postscript 05/21/07 02:00 PM

loved this day and age, and i love the new stuff. this is going to be a great release. any word on east coast tour dates?

Ruggiero2oo8 05/21/07 02:12 PM


tacosforcharles 05/21/07 02:37 PM

These guys are really really good. Can't wait for this.

eltroyo11 05/21/07 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by desipunk7 (Post 6576681)
Please dont tease us with the TD&A logo in the heading.

Agreed. That icon happens to be from the cover of my third or fourth favorite album of all time, and I definitely jumped a little when I saw it.

TaffyDelicious 05/21/07 06:32 PM

I dig the sound for the most part. The intro gives me weird vibes though