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Matthew Tsai 08/08/11 10:00 AM

New AA Music Video
Hit the replies to watch Asking Alexandria's new music video for "To the Stage."

Submitted by UnderclasHero

Matthew Tsai 08/08/11 10:00 AM

tippy325 08/08/11 10:09 AM

Didn't this come out weeks ago? o-0

circletheworld 08/08/11 10:14 AM

well done video, but just an awful song/band...

luqmanhakim 08/08/11 10:14 AM

~*Such rockstars*~

silent_platypus 08/08/11 10:16 AM

They're doing it wrong.

Miketheunicycle 08/08/11 10:32 AM

spoiler: he foams from his mouth

steve187 08/08/11 10:37 AM

only to get bood off because you're too plastered drunk to even sing your songs

Jason949 08/08/11 10:58 AM

God this band sucks.

Ashur 08/08/11 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by Miketheunicycle (Post 93062932)
spoiler: he foams from his mouth

Hahaha that's all I could thunk at the end. Anyways, this is one of my favorite tracks off the new record. The video was kind of interesting, though I couldn't help but laugh at the end. I guess well see after the to be continued...

Indie Star TV 08/08/11 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by tippy325 (Post 93061652)
Didn't this come out weeks ago? o-0

Sure did.

Trashcore 08/08/11 11:32 AM

Why does this song sound like a rip of a BMTH song just really boring? Also the transition into the chorus is AWFUL. Bands that use samples into transitions need to stop trying. If you can't write a real transition don't like samples fix it for you.

ZachMadeMeOdd 08/08/11 11:57 AM

Haha so scenesters discover how to drink a beer and females with titz and now they're real rockstars? This band still sucks and no one has forgotten that less than a year ago they looked like this.

Mikey18244 08/08/11 12:03 PM

Loveeee this band,incredible video good to see something other than clips of a band playing live. And this videos like a month old lol

Evan123 08/08/11 12:46 PM

These dudes need to hurry up with the overdoses already