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Matthew Tsai 08/09/11 11:07 AM

Kenny Does Skinny Love
Hit the replies to watch Kenny Choi of Wolftron cover Bon Iver's "Skinny Love."

Matthew Tsai 08/09/11 11:07 AM

SLoT 08/09/11 11:09 AM

Every time I think of Kenny Choi, I think about how "Pollen and Salt" is one of the best songs ever.

jaredohgren 08/09/11 11:13 AM

I miss DLD.

Zummy 08/09/11 11:19 AM

Man, Kenny Choi is an amazing singer. I would like to see the original line-up of DLD reform and for them to release an album like closing down the pattern department. That album had some great songs on it.

Ska Senanake 08/09/11 11:24 AM

I need new Wolftron!!!

Iownaps3 08/09/11 11:30 AM

One of the better covers of this song I've heard! I still prefer Justin's falsetto, but I'm a pretty big fan of wolftron as well!

shwaz499 08/09/11 11:37 AM

Im pretty upset cause after reading the headline I thought it was Vasoli and the thought of him doing a Bon Iver cover gave me wood.

zephyrsong12345 08/09/11 11:48 AM

there are certain artists that should just never be covered.

topher465 08/09/11 12:26 PM

No one will ever do this as well as Vernon

ched zeppelin 08/09/11 12:31 PM

I still think this is one of the best songs ever http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Znp4qHW0RQ

highfidelity203 08/09/11 12:35 PM

Would love another Wolftron record

blinkme 08/09/11 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by topher465 (Post 93117512)
No one will ever do this as well as Vernon


Would love to hear a new Wolftron record, though.

thatwasamoment 08/09/11 02:32 PM


TheRocketKid 08/09/11 02:34 PM

I love Kenny's touch on this.