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Matthew Tsai 08/13/11 10:52 PM

Ben Weasel Responds
In a lengthy new blog post, Ben Weasel reveals his side of the story regarding the aftermath of Screeching Weasel's SXSW fiasco earlier this year, including the departure of most of the band members, the cancellation of Weaselfest and the future of the band.
BlogSo to reiterate, the band never split up for a second; I merely pink-slipped the dead weight and methodically replaced them with the meanest, leanest lineup of stand-up mofos I could find, every last one of them as disgusted as I am with this ludicrous show of puritanical finger-wagging over the past few months. The boys have been replaced by men. The ex-Weasels didnít give a damn about what went down on stage at SXSW until the Internet told them they ought to. Then, after not giving a shit for two days, they suddenly grew a conscience. Rest assured, fans, no such weak-minded milksops are in the current lineup.

Think of it this way Ė Iím taking back the reins from the classless, spineless, frightened children who dragged Screeching Weaselís name through the mud with their dishonest, ass-covering press release; and all the cheap shot cowards who kicked me while I was down are getting a horseshoe straight up the ass!

Submitted by AP_Punk

steve187 08/13/11 10:54 PM

lol he's sooo punk

GrandAce 08/13/11 10:55 PM

What a fucking douchebag.

Brandon Allin 08/13/11 10:58 PM

Dre Okorley 08/13/11 11:00 PM

Never been a fan of this band...but kudos? :shrug:

luvsickcatalyst 08/13/11 11:03 PM

Also not a fan of the band, but I imagine I'd be laughing much harder at the heavy stream of douchery this guy's spewing right now if I were.

He makes himself out to be a victim when he punched two women and a couple security guys on stage. Stop acting like your ex-band members are the ones at fault here.

fuckyourscenes 08/13/11 11:05 PM

There's a reason they all left the band...and we now have our answer; this guy's a fucking tool.

AP_Punk 08/13/11 11:09 PM

so much gold in that post.

kinda pretty weird how i'm still a fan of this band, even though i totally still dislike ben.

runningohfive 08/13/11 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by Brandon Allin (Post 93329302)

Thank you sir, for making my night full of lolz

nonohjohn 08/13/11 11:20 PM

up the punx

TheOtherAndrew 08/13/11 11:20 PM

Great. Release some interesting music and we'll talk.

DemBitties 08/13/11 11:24 PM

I have to laugh at his completely backwards asinine logic.

Fuck Ben Weasel, fuck Screeching Weasel.

brenByah 08/13/11 11:26 PM

Complete and total delusional douchebag.

Be an adult and accept responsibility for your actions. Stop trying so hard to be "punk" and be a man.

chrislauren 08/13/11 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by brenByah (Post 93330072)
Complete and total delusional douchebag.

Couldn't have said it better. What a cocksucker.

patentpending 08/13/11 11:31 PM

He is one of the worst kinds of people. His head is so far up his own ass it's unbelievable. And lol @ all the fellow douche nozzles in that post kissing his balls.