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Julia Conny 05/25/07 12:23 PM

Paramore - 05.25.07
Itís no secret that the members of Paramore have come under a scrutinizing eye. Be it their steadily mounting popularity or their unintentional sex-kitten front-girl with a solid and inspiring set of tubes, Hayley, Josh, Jeremy and Zac take it all on with a new album, titled Riot!, in tow. What happens if the album leaks? Whoís bothered by the over-concentration/near-objectification of Hayley and not on the music? What does Paramore blow up when theyíre bored in the studio? Read on to find out. A big thanks goes out to Catharine McNelly at Atlantic for all her help, as well as Hayley and Josh for taking time to sit down with AP.net.

For the record, whatís your name and what do you do in the band?

Josh: Iím Josh and I play guitar.
Hayley: Iím Hayley and I sing.

Letís talk about your roots. Iíve never been to Franklin, Tennessee before. Whatís it like down there?

Josh: Itís great. Itís really laid back. Itís really nice there. The weather is pretty sweet there all the time. Itís home. I still love it.

How did Franklin embrace Paramore in its first stages?

Hayley: We werenít so much of a ďsceneĒ band there when we started. There isnít too much a scene there, either. It took us awhile. I remember the first couple shows we played there after getting signed, we were just opening for other bands. It didnít seem like there were a ton of kids coming out who knew who we were. And if they did, they didnít even know we were from the same town as them. The headlining tour that we did last year the last stop we did was Nashville, and it sold out Rocketown. I really feel like we started to make a name as a Nashville band. Itís a good feeling.

Nashville is a town that is know for its influence in music, so it must have been really neat for you guys.

Hayley: Totally.

How old are you guys?

Josh: Iím 19.
Hayley: Iím 18.

Whoís the youngest in the band?

Josh: Zac. Heís 16.

How many of you were in high school when the band started to pick up pace?

Josh: [to Hayley] When did I finish high school? I was doing a home school kind of thing. I guess just three of us.
Hayley: Me, Zac and Jeremy.

What did you do? Did you have to put school on the side for a little while? Were you all home schooled? How did it work?

Josh: I finished home school when we moved to Orlando to record the record. I finished high school there, so I was lucky enough to get it out of the way before we hit the road. Hayley did the same thing, but she finished about a year later. And Zach will never do it (laughs).
Hayley: Yeah, heís sort of struggling (laughs).

It must be difficult to be in a rock band and then have to do homework.

Hayley: Yeah, totally.

Was there a moment, a show, a piece of good news, or anything, when you realized that Paramore was something that you wanted to pursue full time?

Hayley: I would say the first show we ever did. We were a local band opening for Copeland. Yeah, we got really lucky. At this little place in Nashville called The End. I just remember all of our friends. We would all go to Copeland shows. Anytime Copeland as there, all of Franklin was there. All of the young people our age were there. I remember we were finally on stage at one of those shows, and thatís when I knew. I remember how excited we were before the show, hanging out backstage in our little huddle (laughs), talking and shaking. Thatís when it became a reality, you know?

How about now? When you are about to go on stage, do you still get nervous?

Hayley: Sometimes, yeah.
Josh: Being away from the whole touring scene - weíve been making out record for three months. And even before that, we were away for six months. Weíre still in the beginning of the tour, and we still get nervous. The first few shows we were really scared. Slowly you get back into the routine.

Is there anything that you donít think you will ever get used to?

Hayley: Itís always weird being on the road and then coming back home, being on the road and coming back home. You have to figure out who you are in both of those. Weíve forgotten what itís like to live on the road. Once we get used to this weíll have to go back home again. I definitely think thatís something we will never get used to.

What about doing things like interviews? Doing stuff just like this Ė does this feel awkward for you guys?

Josh: No, itís not awkward at all (laughs).

You must do a lot of interviews and some of the stuff you say must feel very repetitive.

Hayley: Yeah (laughs). I learn more about myself, itís kind of weird, talking in interviews than I do just sitting around. Thatís the only awkward part Ė that you have to keep talking about yourself. In real life, thatís such an annoying thing.

Well thank you for being honest with me. Do you ever feel like you have to watch your actions and what you say?

Totally. There is a fine line between not caring what people think about you and being who you are. And also, when you are in a position where a lot of people are looking up to you and wondering what your take on something is, I feel you have to watch yourself. Someone can get the wrong impression from anything. We want people to get great things from our music. We say we're fine after the show, and the second we head back we may be butting heads about something. We donít really want people to see that type of stuff because thatís not really what itís about. Itís something we have to get through in order to get better. But, yeah, we totally have to watch what we do.

Did you guys go up on the website [AP.net] and check the replies that we got for the interview?

Hayley: Yeah (laughs).

What did you think of some of them? I donít want to talk about whether or no you have a boyfriend or whatever, because thatís not what music is about. But I am curious what you think of people always harping on just you [Hayley] in the band? Are you sick of it? Do you just laugh it off?

Josh: We knew that would happen. We knew that it would just get worse the more fans we gain. People are going to be more focused on Hayley. It happens with any lead man, but itís a little different because sheís a girl. There are times when it just happens so much that we are like ďOh man, this is getting annoying,Ē just to be honest. Deep down we know that we are a band and thatís how we see ourselves and as long as people know thatís how we feel and who we are.
Hayley: We donít look at ourselves as everybody else does, as this girl-fronted band thatís limited by so many things just because itís a girl. I think we have more opportunities and we are available to do more things. Itís retarded. Just because I have boobs AP.net has a couple more threads about Paramore. Itís weird. Whatever, I donít care. We make music for people to enjoy music, not so people can talk about my sexuality.

Letís talk about the new album. Now that you are finish recording and you can reflect, whatís the difference between the processes of recording All We Know Is Falling versus Riot!? Did you feel more prepared this time around?

Definitely. We had a lot more time learning about the whole album Ė where we wanted to go and how we wanted it to sound. The last one was so rushed. We did it in three weeks. This one was almost three months. Totally different. We had so much time to pick apart each song and figure out what we didnít like, add more stuff, or whatever. Itís easier to sit back and be like, ďWow.Ē The last one we sort of looked back and were like ďMan, I wish I would of done this.Ē On this one, itís just like ďYes.Ē I did everything I wanted to do.
Hayley: I feel the same way about it. Iím real excited for it. Everything we needed to get out and everything we needed to say is in this record. Weíve said this in a lot of interviews, but I canít really say this enough: If everything stopped today, this is the record that I would be proud for us to be remembered by.

I love when I hear musicians excited about their music. In that vein, what songs off the new album are you most excited about?

Josh: I love our single, ďMisery Business.Ē I just love every part of it. I love Hayleyís melody.

What song off the album was the most difficult to record?

Hayley: Mentally, I had a really hard time recording ďHallelujah,Ē because there was already a leaked version of it out. Thereís an acoustic version and a recorded version that has leaked, and I knew that kids were totally used to that version. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make this one better. But Iím happy with it now. I put every emotion for that song into. Itís so rewarding. Looking back, knowing that the exact feelings I had when I wrote the words sound the same when I recorded it. Thatís really awesome.

[To Josh] What about you?

Josh: I canít remember! (laughs) They were all pretty tough, because David Bendeth was really hard on us and on Zach as well. Every song we had to play pretty close to dead on time. It took quite awhile for every song (laughs). I was sort of prepared but you canít ever really be totally prepared. It took quite awhile but it definitely taught me a lot.

Why record with David Bendeth? Why did you think Paramore would fit in with his style?

Hayley: Judging by the rest of the bands heís worked with, there was no promise that stylistically we would fit with him. We knew by the way that he was constantly there, wanting to do the record, ďI love your sound. I want to do this record. I know this is going to be a challenge to make. I want to take on that challenge.Ē He pursued us for over a year. Itís been since last February. Heís just amazing. You spend five minutes around him and you know you just want to be around him because heís so cool.

Were there any other producers you were looking into?

Josh: Yeah, we met with a few. Neal Avron. And then Howard Benson. They were really nice guys but they didnít seem as dedicated and passionate as David. We felt like thatís who we needed to go with.

The official release date for Riot! is June 12th. This is a sad subject, but what happens if it leaks? Will that be a big upset for you guys? Is this something that you think about frequently?

Josh: Itís gonna happen. Every record leaks. Kids these daysÖ They can find anything. Theyíre so smart. (laughs)
Hayley: I donít know why they donít already have though.
Josh: Yeah, youíd think they would.
Hayley: Iíve been waiting for the announcement or some post (laughs).
Josh: Out last record leaked anyway and we had like two fans (laughs). This one is definitely going to leak!
Hayley: You want to sort of control it all, but you canít.
Josh: Weíd rather people buy it instead of everybody already hearing it, you know.
Hayley: Like that line at Tower Records when N*Syncís record came out Ė No Strings Attached. It was in the news, man.

Why the name Riot!?

Hayley: Because, you know, weíre punk rock (laughs). No, we wanted one word that summed it all up. We were throwing around ideas and we realized that not every definition for the word ďriotĒ is violent or bad. After studying, we saw the word has so many meanings. One, as simple as it is, is just being variety, and I think thatís a great way to describe all the different sounds and influences. The main reason we picked it is because it means ďa sudden outburst of uncontrolled emotion.Ē

I like that. Iíve been in a couple studios in my life during the recording process, but Iíve always noticed how bored everyone gets. What did you do to pass the time?

Hayley: We blew up toilets.
Josh: Yeah, we blew up toilets. The engineers that work at Bendethís studio are amazing. Theyíre such cool dudes. Thereís this one guy Ė Dan Ė who likes to blow up stuff. He builds little sticks of dynamite. We found a toilet over by the dumpster. We blew that up. We blew up a TV, an acoustic guitar, and a birthday cake. We shot off rockets and airplanes and helicopters and all that crap. They had all these arcade games so you donít get too bored.
Hayley: We had cheesecake almost every night. You have a food budget. Every night we had Chicken Madeira and cheesecake. And I would have Oreo cheesecake (laughs).

You aren't sick of cheesecake? (laughs) If someone offered you Cheesecake Factory right now, would you take it?

Hayley: Oh yeah! Oh my godÖ
Josh: Oh yeah! Have you ever had Chicken Madeira?


Josh: And the best is French Vanilla cheesecake with fresh strawberries.
Hayley: It will kill you.

(laughs) Ok. Iím gonna have to try it. How did you get involved with To Write Love On Her Arms?

Hayley: A friend messaged me on Myspace, of course, about it. It sounded really interesting. The name was so long, I was like ďI gotta remember this!Ē (laughs) I checked it out and I saw that there we a couple bands getting involved, and I was like ďThis is really cool.Ē So many people can gain a lot from this. I wrote James, the dude that started it, and I was like ďIím in this band.Ē You know, heís not going to know what band this is, but Iím just going to give it a shot and see if it works. Iím like, ďIím in this band called Paramore and weíre on Fueled by Ramen. I think what youíre doing is really cool. I have friends that have dealt with stuff like this, and I know we have fans dealing with this stuff all the time. I really want to help out.Ē He wrote back and was like, ďWe will send you guys with whatever you want. Give me your shirt sizes. Youíre playing Cornerstone?Ē And we were playing Cornerstone in Florida last year, and we went down there and met him. Got to meet Renee, who is the reason that TWLOHA even exists. We made friendships and relationships and thatís what itís about. Itís having those relationships and positive influences in each other lives. And we just saw Renee the other day in Orlando. Sheís amazing. Sheís just a beautiful person. Sheís someone you really want to know.

Because of your involvement with TWLOHA, it seems like a lot of people like to assume you are a Christian band, or at least heavily influenced by religion. Are you?

Hayley: Weíre actually atheists. (laughs) No, personally, we believe in Jesus Christ.
Josh: We are Christian, but weíre not a Christian band. Weíre just like everyone else, you know? We have our own beliefs.

Here are a couple user-submitted questions. What are you guys listening to right now? Any new bands you can introduce us to?

Hayley: My computer has been broken.
Josh: All I listen to is Jimmy Eat World. Thatís all. Jimmy Eat World and Mute Math. I love Mute Math. I have that Akon song stuck in my head. (Sings) Nobody wanna see us together (all laugh).

Hereís a good one. How did you choose the order of the tracklisting on the album?

Hayley: Because there is a concept of good and bad on the record, youíve got this sort of evil type of victorious or glad-to-be-me kind of songs on one end of the record. And then on the other end of the record youíve got something like ďHallelujahĒ when youíre in the midst of all this terrible stuff and you know you are going to come out on the other side better and everything is going to be fine. We talked about putting the songs in order so the concept would be very evident, but we ended up thinking thatís not how life is. Things are just jumbled up, and thatís how life is. We picked the songs the way we wanted them to go and the way that we would enjoy listening to the record.

Wonderful, you guys. I think thatís all I have for you.

Hayley: And no, the guys have not see me naked. (all laugh)

Any last words?

Josh: Thanks for doing this. It was cool.
Hayley: Yeah, thanks a lot.

And thank you. I very much appreciate it.

AndrewStuart 05/25/07 12:49 PM

good interview. I wish you'd asked about the song Hayley did with The Chariot. That seemed kind of out of left field.

Shrillex 05/25/07 12:50 PM

great interview

thatwasamoment 05/25/07 12:52 PM

Hayley: And no, the guys have not see me naked. (all laugh)

She answered my question. She totally wants me.

Joe DeAndrea 05/25/07 12:59 PM

Awesome interview. Good job, Julia! :-)

neepz 05/25/07 01:10 PM

great interview!

Oneurwaitingfor 05/25/07 01:14 PM

I'm glad you asked her about TWLOHA, and that's cool that they're Christians

great interview

CWeezer2 05/25/07 01:34 PM

they seem like a really fun band which they never really came across to me as before. that sentence was awkward.

Elfie7X 05/25/07 01:36 PM

Haha, you called Hayley a sex kitten.

burningdark 05/25/07 01:43 PM

after reading that i'm a litlle worried, reading between the lines it looks like all of them have some problems with the focus put on hayley versus the band as a hole, maybe hayley most of all... i wonder if them getting big quick mixed with that will cause problems down the road

Bingham88 05/25/07 01:47 PM

they such great people pretty humble too when iwas with them after their set at bamboozle zac was just like "dude, did you see all those people?" "i couldnt believe it, like why are you watching us were not that good" haha. im glad hayley talked about Renee too she really is someone to meet i love her shes really awesome person. she was 15 months sober yesterday!

sparklebitca 05/25/07 01:48 PM

That was a really great interview, good, thoughtful questions that elicited good, articulate answers. I've skipped checking them out in the past, but I think I'm on my way to their myspace right now.

bjork 05/25/07 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by CWeezer2 (Post 6616128)
they seem like a really fun band which they never really came across to me as before. that sentence was awkward.

Fun? Are you kidding?! They all come out on stage in Danny Glover outfits basted in A1 steak sauce..defacating on the youth and covering G.G. Allin songs..not fun. Not fun at all

doomcrs04 05/25/07 02:35 PM

Haylie is probably reading this now and maybe laughing that she is.

_all_star_me_ 05/25/07 02:42 PM

great interview. they seem to laugh alot; that ammused me.