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Keagan Ilvonen 08/16/11 04:34 AM

Full Dear Hunter Set
You can stream The Dear Hunter's full set from a few nights ago here.

Momo32T 08/16/11 05:22 AM

This was one of the best shows I have been to, Comprehensive set llst, good crowd morale and high energy. Couldn’t really ask for much else.

brook183 08/16/11 06:01 AM

O'brother's set was pretty damn good too. Both are worth a watch.

kbi the crowing 08/16/11 07:21 AM

Sweeeeet. Audio isn't the best but this is still great.

Brandon_WalshDK 08/16/11 07:23 AM

Words cannot describe how awesome Casey is.

COREhorizon 08/16/11 09:08 AM

I'll probably never get to see them unless they come to Allentown...


canvasofwinter 08/16/11 09:14 AM

I love how Red Hands is always different. The solo halfway in this version is awesome.

hurricaneoflion 08/16/11 09:33 AM

audio sucks...but great to see them nonetheless.

NateFoundGlory 08/16/11 11:16 AM

I adore The Dear Hunter, so this is cool.

Ashur 08/16/11 02:13 PM

I was so bummed when this was sold out, but lucked out when I found out they were streaming it live. This show was incredible. Casey is amazing.

DynamiteShovel 08/17/11 09:26 AM

How awesome would it feel to have all those fans get on stage and sing the end of your song. Red hands is such a great closer

YPMC 08/17/11 09:47 AM


InBetweenAisles 08/21/11 05:18 PM

This is amazing.