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Eich696 03/10/12 07:48 PM

Why simmonds why?

WakingTheMisery 03/10/12 07:48 PM

WOW. That was a fucking shootout goal.

PigDestroyer 03/10/12 07:49 PM

holy shit what a shootout move by Jrue

...jersey foul waiting to happen

Eich696 03/10/12 07:50 PM

Three shutouts in last 4 games.

And giroux wow.

Killadelphia 03/10/12 07:50 PM

Bryzgalov. Well done.

Giroux's hands are unreal.

softhands 03/10/12 07:52 PM

Sick roofer from Claude.

Killadelphia 03/10/12 07:57 PM

The reaction on the bench after the Giroux goal was pretty funny, especially Schenn.

White 03/10/12 08:00 PM

Bummed it took overtime for Philly to beat us. We want a top pick, you incompetent fucks.

PigDestroyer 03/10/12 08:05 PM

Jackets doing their part to secure Nail tonight :-)

PigDestroyer 03/10/12 08:09 PM

LOL Sharks

Killadelphia 03/10/12 08:09 PM

Btw, anyone notice how different it was with the physical play on G after the simmonds fight.

(what i asked for all year, even if they don't fight everytime.). It still works!

PigDestroyer 03/10/12 08:19 PM

i think the word you are looking for is "truculence"

SwiftSilentDead 03/10/12 08:27 PM

Sharks have won only six games since the All-Star Break.

PigDestroyer 03/10/12 08:44 PM


Originally Posted by SwiftSilentDead (Post 104505222)
Sharks have won only six games since the All-Star Break.

they have yet to recover from when the Carter led BJs trounced them

softhands 03/10/12 08:52 PM

West playoff race is so tight.