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Drew Beringer 06/01/07 06:35 PM

Amber Pacific - Truth in Sincerity
Amber PacificTruth In Sincerity
Release Date: May 22, 2007
Record Label: Hopeless

A couple nights ago, I was bored out of my mind sitting on my couch. Still relatively new to the state of Texas, I don’t have anybody to hang out with. So to cure this boredom, I take a long drive on the highway. I went to my room to pick out a few albums for my drive and stumble upon the latest album from Amber Pacific, Truth In Sincerity. I wasn’t a fan of their last album, The Possibility And The Promise, but since it was about 200 degrees outside and sunny, I decided that I wanted some pop-punk and hoped that I would enjoy this album.

As the rolling thunder and sprawling piano keys of “Rule #76” blared through my stereo and merged into the breakneck drumming of “Summer (In B),” I was immediately hooked. The pace of the song along with the guitar riffs reminded me why I love pop-punk so much. Matt Young’s vocals are pretty good; not as good as, say Will Pugh’s, but they are definitely not as grating as Colin Ross. There is a pleasant medium with Young’s voice. “Temporary” is very heavy on the pop and features some nice bass work from Greg Strong.

A handful of songs can fit into the category of soaring pop-rock such as “You’re Only Young Once,” which is reminiscent of a Boys Like Girls song and incorporates some sampled strings towards the end. The first single, “Fall Back Into My Life,” has a strong chorus which features the best vocal work from Young. But Amber Pacific are at its best when they play fast and loud, such as “Living Proof” and the rapid and biting “Runaway,” which features some guest vocals from MxPx frontman Mike Herrera. The final track on Sincerity, “Dear ____, This Has Always Been About Standing Up For Yourself” closes out the album in dramatic fashion. Spanning over 6 minutes, the song is a fusion of all the sounds heard throughout the album, as the instrumentation on this song shines over the other eleven tracks.

It’s odd that, while Truth In Sincerity is not much different from The Possibility And The Promise, I prefer Truth. Perhaps Truth In Sincerity just hit me at the right time, as many of the songs take me back to my high school days. The truth of the matter is, Amber Pacific have released a very solid pop-punk album that sounds like the spawn of Yellowcard and Boys Like Girls. Full of big choruses and hooks, but lean on variety, as some of the tracks tend to blend together. Lyrically, it’s one-dimensional; they aren’t bad, they just appear to cover the same kind of topics and feelings.

Truth In Sincerity displays all the good qualities of the pop-punk genre, as your first impulse will be to roll the down the windows and sing along instantaneously. In a summer full of pop-punk gems to be released, this album is no slouch. Pick it up today.

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Rule #76
2. Summer (In B)
3. Temporary
4. You’re Only Young Once
5. Living Proof
6. Follow Your Dreams
7. Take Me From This
8. Fall Back Into My Life
9. We Think Were Hardcore, Cause, Well, We Are
10. Runaway (Featuring Mike Herrera Of MxPx)
11. Watching Over Me
12. Dear ____, This Has Always Been About Standing Up For Yourself
Produced by: Martin Feveyear

Amber Pacific are:
Matt Young - Vocals
Will Nutter - Guitar/Backup Vocals/Piano/Keyboard
Greg Strong - Bass
Dango – Drums

Official Website; Official Myspace

firewater 06/01/07 06:58 PM

good review, i agree with the score, as I enjoy the band from time to time, but they get kinda old.

lostfear 06/01/07 07:10 PM

very well written review.


smoke4thecaper 06/01/07 07:55 PM

It's a vast improvement over their debut. You pretty much summed it up about as well as I could have! Nice job!

chcougar1 06/01/07 07:57 PM

Is track 12 Standing Up for Yourself or Standing Up For What You Believe In?

astaticvendetta 06/01/07 08:09 PM

i feel the vocals are very repetitive and the songs blend together...a dissapointment to me.

Me & My Arrow 06/01/07 11:00 PM

The name of this album is possibly the dumbest, least profound thing I have ever heard. I was actually blow away that they actually decided it was a good title.

saysmydoctor 06/01/07 11:29 PM

You didn't end a review with Pick it up today?


yoyoninjagirl 06/02/07 06:41 AM

I've tried to get into this band a number of times but it never worked. The guys voice bugged me a bit at times during the songs...

Nice review though!

sumazngeek 06/02/07 08:03 AM

good review. i agree with the score. i dont think it has much replay value though. at least forn ow

GiggsOho 06/02/07 10:02 AM


Originally Posted by Praetor (Post 6681855)

2. The drumming in Summer is pretty terrible, IMO, and doesn't fit the song at all.

This is possibly the best drumming not only on the album, but the bands entire existence. Open your ears, junior.

saving jonathan 06/02/07 04:09 PM

haven't heard the album, doubt i'll pick it up.
wasn't a fan of their last album very much, and their live show was just bad.
the singer's voice sounds so generic to me, like they could get anyone from anywhere who could sing like that.

holdontightly 06/03/07 01:50 PM

solid pop punk album. the lyrics are weak, but its to be expected for what kind of music it is. catchy as hell though, im sure ill be listening to it a lot this summer.

Vismund_Cygnus 06/03/07 10:01 PM

I was debating whether or not to buy this record, but after reading this, I might actually pick it up while it's still on sale...

...oh and I agree. This is much better than their debut.

BLueSS 06/04/07 12:04 PM


pop-rock such as “You’re Only Young Once,” which is reminiscent of a Boys Like Girls song
Amber Pacific is reminiscent of Boys Like Girls? hahahaha, not really.