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Jason Tate 08/30/11 12:50 PM

AP.net Video Chat: Four Year Strong
Update #2: Hope everyone enjoyed this! Huge thank you to the band.

Update: At 4pm (PST) the band will be chatting via video here. They'll be answering questions from this thread.

Four Year Strong will be doing a video chat in just a few hours. They'll be answering questions from AP.net users. We figured we'd open up the thread now, and let people start submitting questions so the boys have something to answer when they first sign in. Once the chat starts, I'll edit this thread and add in the link to watch the live video chat. So, feel free to leave some comments in this thread and ask whatever your little heart desires.

jaredohgren 08/30/11 12:53 PM

In b4 "Where are the breakdowns?"

EDIT: forreal though, would you say that Stuck in the Middle is a good indication of most of the album? If not, how do the songs differ from each other on the album?

Also, what tuning do you guys use for your songs?

SLoT 08/30/11 12:54 PM

No questions, the other APers usually ask solid questions.. I just wanted to say I love the band, and am really stoked for the new album!

Keep bustin' the jams guys.

RavenousRadio 08/30/11 12:55 PM

What's your favourite song to play live? That's about the only question I could come up with.

punchlinekid182 08/30/11 01:02 PM

How does it feel to be awesome?

undonesweater93 08/30/11 01:04 PM

What's it like minus synth (and player)

cwhit412 08/30/11 01:05 PM

Video chat. Interesting.

Charlesieiy 08/30/11 01:08 PM

What were your main influences when you were writing this album? Obviously it's a big turn from the pop-punk/hardcore sound you had previously.

Also, any chance of a new song during september? Or is it just going to be 1 song until the album drops?

Keep up the good work, guys, looking forward to the album.

jakemuscles 08/30/11 01:11 PM

its apparent writing something different than your older material is going to give you mixed reviews. from my perspective it seems like a 50/50 on the latest release of the new song. do you feel as a band there are songs on the new album that will satisfy the want of older fans - and do you care as a band on the opinions of these fans considering a huge chunk of them supported you and got you to this point?

ariddle 08/30/11 01:19 PM

I'm really surprised My Enemy of the World CD is still playing like a champ after all of the times I've blasting it the past year and a half haha. :thumbup:

Just came in here to say keep up the good work and keep doing what your doing. Can't wait to hear the new album!

mbarney82 08/30/11 01:34 PM

from the interviews i have read and seen, you guys said it will have more of a rock feel. i did get that sense from "in some way, shape or form", now is the new album a concept album or are we gonna hear more of that sound in later years. and a follow up question to that, was it a collective idea to go in that direction or was it an idea one of the four brought up and it caught fire? thanks for answering, looking forward to more hometown shows in worcester!

sayanythingreal 08/30/11 01:40 PM

what's the one thing you need to have when you're on tour?
p.s. you're awesome.

XSTAYGOLDX 08/30/11 01:41 PM

What is your all time favorite non headlining tour you've done?

What are the chances of hearing "your song" live?

lillyjames 08/30/11 01:42 PM

What went into the process of making this album? In what ways did your writing process change or advance and is there anything specific behind the lyrics in the new record?

I am a huge fan and can't wait to see you play in SF in November! Thanks!

- Lilly James (Yes like Harry Potter's parent's)

Fil_22 08/30/11 01:43 PM

Any (headlining) tour plans for your fans in Canada?