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beardyrick 08/30/11 05:05 PM

MikeM1423 08/30/11 05:05 PM

where can i find RODT on vinyl? is it just on eBAY? because people are selling it for like 80 bucks

doritos_tx 08/30/11 05:05 PM

whos the oldest in the group?

luvsickcatalyst 08/30/11 05:05 PM

Oh, hey, you guys should come on my radio show sometime too.

danefiction 08/30/11 05:05 PM

are there going to be more webisodes?

mc.geoff 08/30/11 05:06 PM

Everlong By Foo Fighters!

brandonisstupid 08/30/11 05:06 PM

Alan, How many tats make-up your sleeve?

Zinarok 08/30/11 05:06 PM

You're my favorite band. You guys would be my hero if you gave me a shout out. Ha ha. My name's Dylan.

Charlesieiy 08/30/11 05:06 PM

If you went on tour with the wonder years again, would you do the guest vocals on summers in PA live if they played it?

rorwar 08/30/11 05:06 PM

What kind of beer do you like?

KatieKomotion 08/30/11 05:06 PM

would you guys consider covering "No you girls never know" by Franz Ferdinand??

PirateSkater182 08/30/11 05:06 PM

Best band coming for the "year of pop punk" ?

Kaylaaa12 08/30/11 05:07 PM

How Tall Is Jake?

pandakeepfit 08/30/11 05:07 PM

bass rig?

akaCoots 08/30/11 05:07 PM

Have you guys taken any college classes?
ALSO! Are you playing a Worcester Christmas show again?? <3