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ivo182 08/30/11 03:34 PM

1. What gear did you use to record guitars? I mean amps, guitars, pedals, etc.

2. What have you heard about the Argentina audience?


sjb2k1 08/30/11 03:35 PM

Do you think that tonight CC Sabathia will finally solve the Red Sox and get a win? Or do you have faith in Lackey?

kidinthebushes 08/30/11 03:43 PM

Warped Tour 2012?

miamicanes1356 08/30/11 03:43 PM

when will the preorder be up and running and will there be vinyl for this album?

katieroseee12 08/30/11 03:48 PM

how do you get such awesome beards?

thispartysux128 08/30/11 03:51 PM

Tell a funny tour story from the tour you guys did with the wonder years

Die Phe 08/30/11 03:52 PM

can't wait to see you guys on Chile next week

InfiniteArms 08/30/11 03:56 PM

What was the mindset when writing and recording this new album? Did you have an idea of what you wanted it to sound like or was the final result a surprise to everyone?

oceanfloors 08/30/11 03:57 PM

Does Dan's carpet match the drapes?

dannypearson199 08/30/11 03:57 PM

Reading and Leeds festivals next year?

Jat 08/30/11 03:57 PM

I understand you are heading in a different direction musically, but are there any songs reminiscent of your old pop-punk-hardcore style?

Rmagnanjr 08/30/11 03:59 PM

How do you approach songwriting? Do you create the music first or the lyrics first?

twistingvalley 08/30/11 03:59 PM

What do you think is your best song and why?

PirateSkater182 08/30/11 04:01 PM

You're on. And is that a bald spot Dan?

akster 08/30/11 04:02 PM

Describe Mike and Ilene from high voltage from san diego.