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Keagan Ilvonen 08/30/11 08:41 PM

New Late In The Playoffs EP
Late In The Playoffs released their EP, Everything I Know digitally today on their bandcamp. It is on sale for just $1 for the first week. It is available to stream as well.

danielplaysbass 08/30/11 08:50 PM

this EP is a steal for $1

FoxMulder 08/30/11 08:53 PM

I love everything about this, all of it.

GetWellBoss 08/30/11 08:53 PM

This is a great EP. Hopefully more people check it out.

tuck0789 08/30/11 08:53 PM

backed. buy this asap!

wtfTouchMyBalls 08/30/11 08:57 PM

been listening all day. with the right support and whatnot, they could be even more special.

uglystar03 08/30/11 09:04 PM

Purchased and currently downloading. I'm glad I clicked the link because their name didn't ring a bell. I think the news post should mention the EP is mixed by Jamie Woolford. His name might draw a couple more people in.

LeeBron 08/30/11 09:45 PM

sick ep! bought it, how can u not?

Cody Nelson 08/30/11 09:45 PM

That opening track is killer.

MarcVerity 08/30/11 10:16 PM

Great band. Don't sleep on them.

abusedcat 08/30/11 10:25 PM


Originally Posted by danielplaysbass (Post 94170952)
this EP is a steal for $1

hahaha, you would.

one of the best new unsigned bands in a while.
everyone should check this out.

anamericangod 08/30/11 10:36 PM

I strongly encourage everyone to support this band, be it $1 or more. Lots of potential here.

I love this EP.

kidinthebushes 08/30/11 10:37 PM

Just bought this. One of the better bands in the Chicago area.

Keagan Ilvonen 08/30/11 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by danielplaysbass (Post 94170952)
this EP is a steal for $1

Oh really now?!

emoboy333 08/31/11 02:49 AM

very Jimmy eat World-ish. Like it a lot !