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Handraa 09/01/11 11:41 AM

Oh jesus.

NorthstarPark 09/01/11 11:46 AM

So happy this isnt coming anywhere near Texas! I don't usually smile but I'm smiling big right now :).

cubine 09/01/11 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by ACA (Post 94251742)

You get tours like this, or Bring Me The Horizon/Parkway Drive/Architects/Deez Nuts, and you lump all of that asinine shit together in one place for people to eat up.

Then you let yours like Thrice / La Dispute / Moving Mountains / O'Brother to keep the rest of us happy.

It works out for everyone, like you said.

Bring Me The Horizon and Parkway Drive at their absolute worst are miles better than Hollywood Undead or Asking Alexandria.

Maxwell 09/01/11 11:53 AM

That Borgore remix of that Asking Alexandria song is literally one of the most hilarious things i have ever heard.

kskillzz 09/01/11 11:56 AM

Wow didn't realize Hollywood undead was that big Swan songs is about to go platinum?

Jake Jenkins 09/01/11 11:57 AM

Borgore? Really?

The Minn 09/01/11 12:01 PM

HU is a guilty pleasure of mine but man...the new release just sucks....

Mibabalou 09/01/11 12:01 PM

dear god how craig owens has fallen......

.dot 09/01/11 12:04 PM

ugh, was hoping for a DRUGS headlining tour this fall. I really wish DRUGS would tour with better bands (instead of HU and Black Veil Brides...)
I don't really have a problem with AA, I saw them at Warped and they put on a decent set. And I am a fan of WCAR, but its not worth the drive to see such a short set.

RobbieBerns 09/01/11 12:05 PM

lol wtf

steve187 09/01/11 12:10 PM

scene kids still stuck in 2007 are stoked

onetwentyseven 09/01/11 12:11 PM

lol Lowell, MA? The only place I can think of thats a venue there is the Tsongas Center and that is technically an arena. No fucking way this tour fills an arena?

Tilde 09/01/11 12:13 PM

That's just incredibly unfortunate for all involved

subplotofcrows 09/01/11 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by Boomhauer12 (Post 94250962)
They are -- the "I'm Alive" tour

I must have missed it. I looked it up and saw the lineup- realized why I hadn't heard about it.

This whole tour just confuses me.

ACA 09/01/11 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by cubine (Post 94252792)
Bring Me The Horizon and Parkway Drive at their absolute worst are miles better than Hollywood Undead or Asking Alexandria.

You know, I would like to think that about Parkway Drive. But teaming up with such an offensive, homophobic headliner is just an embarrassing blow and not something I can take seriously.

I know bands need to get paid, but if you have to tour with someone like BMTH I'd rather not give you my time nor money.