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Brandon Allin 06/11/07 09:05 AM

My Chemical Romance Take on Marilyn Manson
My Chemical Romance has issued a rebuttal in response to Marilyn Manson's derogatory comments regarding the group.
Article PreviewIn response, (Gerard) Way told Rock Sound: "We still haven't found someone that has knocked us down that we need to take seriously. If Elvis Costello said we sucked we would think about it a bit but usually it is comments from someone with a new record to promote so the remarks ring hollow."

Submitted by simpsonsfan

SweetThye 06/11/07 09:08 AM

nice. Glad they respect Elvis Costello.

Poochemist 06/11/07 09:08 AM

haha nice

zombiebrains 06/11/07 09:08 AM


I'm DC 06/11/07 09:12 AM

oh man, I hope Manson comes back, I want to see him rip them apart.

mbuchbauer88 06/11/07 09:12 AM

couldnt be more true actually now that you think about it

TJ Wells 06/11/07 09:13 AM

Ha good response.

mbuchbauer88 06/11/07 09:14 AM

and as for mr. manson, mcr might use the goth style to stand out, but he has to resort to fucking teenagers to get people to watch his music videos. the guy i definitely on him decline career wise.

love_american_style 06/11/07 09:15 AM

as much as i don't like this band....that was a great rebuttal.

LikeACat 06/11/07 09:16 AM

Oh I'm thinking Manson next comment will burn MCR hard, they aren't nearly intelligant as him.
But then again both create shitty music so I couldn't care.

BigMouthStrikes 06/11/07 09:16 AM

Wouldn't surprise me if this was Marilyn Manson's last album whereas i expect My Chem to continue to produce interesting, not to mention commercially succesful music

falloutboy. 06/11/07 09:21 AM

nicely done gerard.

SuFsean 06/11/07 09:21 AM

MCR didnt rip off Marilyn Manson.

MCR ripped off the Undertaker and Paul Bearer. :)

I'm just glad they dont have a bastard brother band, like Kane.

thewebguy 06/11/07 09:22 AM

lets all remember that both statements were posted on NME

Smash Adams 06/11/07 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by SweetThye (Post 6764711)
nice. Glad they respect Elvis Costello.

me too

I think the response was kind of obvious but nicely done