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AprilFools 09/20/11 04:53 AM


Originally Posted by MarquisInSpades (Post 95156012)
I don't recall Dan saying f--- anyone. Somewhere along the line everyone got way to worried about what certain people deemed important think and rally against others simply because they are not the "important" people. It's like being against someone JUST for standing up to someone "above" them. Nothing regarding who you are on this site makes your opinions or your rights more or less valid--including the person running it.

You don't see Sam Walton telling the customer he's growing tired of him or that he's a talentless hack, do you? Be able to take it if you want to dish it.

Jason's way of handling the whole thing is mostly what made the situation so funny. He deleted a lot of the conversation from the thread and then closed it, as moderators do sometimes to save face.

Dan challenged him, Tate got a bit cowardly, most people would have. Dan's general arrogance about almost everything constantly ruins friendships and makes enemies on and off the internet.